Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Progress Report: Low Self Esteem

Last week was pretty productive and I feel like we’ve done just about everything we can do until we know what kind of house we’ll be moving into. For now we’re in a holding pattern until we get our visas approved.

Logistics: We completed our Ex-Pat Orientation and our Psychological Interview. I barely passed my psychological evaluation which Jonathan found hilarious. According to the mental health assessment questionnaire we had to fill out, I’m intolerant, insensitive, and offensive. Seriously. Jonathan was giggling the entire time the therapist was reviewing the results. I on the other hand was fighting back tears, probably because I’m so darn insensitive.

Jonathan passed with flying colors because apparently he is uber empathetic, open minded, and full of positive energy. My husband has many endearing qualities, but to say that empathy is one of them is quite a stretch. I’m seriously questioning the validity of this questionnaire. I’d like to move on, but I doubt Jonathan will ever let me live this one down.

We received two market analyses on our home and will be choosing our realtor today. It’s a tough call since Jon and I met with opposite realtors.  We both love our home and feel like it should sell itself pretty easily, but I still feel bad about choosing one realtor over the other. I really have to stop being so insensitive.

Shipment: Our shipment company came by last week to assess how much we’d be taking with us. The good news is, they said a few cans of Rotel (and other less important food products) would be fine to bring in our shipment.

The bad news is, they weren’t too confident that our beloved King Sized bed would fit into a Scottish bedroom. We won’t know for sure until we line up our rental property. Luckily we still have our old Master bedroom set which is Queen-sized. We’ll just have to find a replacement guest bedroom set if our King furniture won’t fit in the house. Sleeping in a smaller bed is a sacrifice we can make for this adventure. Plus, it’s so cold in those stone houses, we’ll want to be snuggled up close anyway.
"Moving is such hard work."
We decided to use a pet transport company to ship our fur babies and plan to go with World Care Pet Transport. My parents used them to transport their golden retriever from the US to Aberdeen and had nothing but great things to say. I know it will help to ease my mind even though it will eat up our moving bonus. That’s what it’s there for, right?

Miscellaneous: We painted the guest room. Well actually, Jonathan painted the guest room, but I did a swell job of taping off those electrical outlets!

In other news, I waited for an hour at Plato’s Closet to try to sell all of my gorgeous summer attire. I had two huge bags full off BCBG dresses and tops from JCREW and Urban Outfitters. In the end, I earned 5 bucks for 2 T-shirts. The rest of my clothes were unacceptable because of “pit stains”.

Seriously, that’s what the teenager making the assessment said to me. Not only am I intolerant and offensive, but apparently I also have problems with body odor. It was a tough week for my self-esteem guys. A very tough week. And this might sound bitter, but after spending an hour in the store, I know exactly why my BCBG dresses weren’t acceptable and it had more to do with too much body coverage than too much body odor.

So, snotty teenager working at noon on a Thursday when you should be in school, please tell me straight up that my clothes are too classy for your clientele rather than insult my hygiene. Sorry, I had to get that one off my chest. So if you’d like to buy some gorgeous, barely worn dresses with absolutely ZERO stains, check out your Houston area Goodwill branches.  Moving on….

This week’s goals: Hire our realtor, sign a pet transport contract, and hopefully get our visas. If we do get the visas back this week then we will amend this list with both house hunting and listing our house to sell. Other than that, my main goal this week is to salvage my self-esteem. Please feel free to leave various compliments in the comment section of this post in order to aid with this process. Thank you!

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