Wednesday, April 18, 2012

House 1, 2, or 3?

Day 3 of house hunting is complete, and Jon and I have agreed on our favorites. In keeping with the House Hunters International theme, we’ve narrowed our choices down to three properties:
House 1: Overbudget in Cults

Pros: The house is situated in a quaint village just outside of the Aberdeen city limits. It has historic charm, is walking distance to great amenities, and backs up to a jogging trail that spans several miles through the countryside. It has a large rear garden for the dogs to play and a stunning view of the Scottish hills.
Cons: Little to no storage. Seriously, there is one hall closet and the bathrooms don’t have cabinets. Other than the master bedroom, the bedrooms are very small and probably can’t fit more than a full size bed. The biggest drawback is that it’s 200 pounds over our budget (about $318 more per month).  
House 2: Suburban in Kingswells
Pros: This house is large with a great layout and a decent backyard. It’s set in the suburb of Kingswells which, though farther from the city, has an easy commute. The lots are large and similar to an American neighborhood. There are several walking paths and parks within the development. It has American sized appliances, and is the only house we’ve seen that has a full sized dryer. It’s also way under our budget.
Cons: The house lacks character. It’s perfectly suitable, but nothing special. The finishes are outdated and we would need to make several repairs.
House 3: Busy street but large garden.

Pros: This house is in the West End of the City center about 1 mile from Jon’s office. It’s is loaded with beautiful features, including 3 working fireplaces. The garden is very large, especially for being in the heart of the city. The kitchen has been completely renovated and has a great view of the backyard.
Cons: Very little storage, the only shower is downstairs whereas all three bedrooms are up (there is still a bathtub upstairs), it is on a very busy street and you get some street noise in the bedrooms. The house is currently occupied and wouldn’t be available until a few weeks after we move. The biggest question mark about the property is that we don’t know if they allow pets or not, which is kind of an important factor.

So which will it be, House 1, 2, or 3 (or none of the above)? I guess you’ll have to wait to find out!

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  1. Oooo, so hard to choose!! I know you'll make the right decision. Can't wait to see which one wins. They all seem amazing. They are all in Scotland after all :)