The Beast Part 2

For the past two months I have been chiseling away at our moving to-do list. I thought there would be a sense of relief and accomplishment when I finally scratched the last item off, but instead I felt overwhelmed at the to-do list awaiting me on the other side of the Atlantic. Here's a gimpse at what
we're facing here:

The Biggies:
Set up HSBC UK account 
Buy TV license
Buy a Car 
Set up Cable/Internet/Phone package 
Have Cable/Internet/Phone installed  
Set up Cell Phone
Register for National Health Services

Stock Fridge and Pantry 
Buy Vacuum Cleaner 
Buy cleaning supplies    
Dog-Proof the yard with chicken wire so Sam can't escape
Buy a Dog Tub for backyard
Unpack Sea shipment
Unpack air shipment

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