Saturday, April 21, 2012

And The House We Chose Is...

And the house we chose is…none of the above!

On Friday morning we were prepared to make an offer on the Overbudget house in Cults, but our realtor still had one more house to show us. We kept an open mind and once we toured the home, our decision to rent it was pretty easy. The house is located about a half mile from Jonathan’s office on a quiet cul de sac in a residential area of the city.

It’s currently occupied by a young American couple with two small children who work for the same company as Jonathan. The layout is ideal with living space downstairs and three decently sized bedrooms up. It has a spacious and modern eat-in kitchen overlooking a small living area.

There is also a formal living room and an extra room that we will use as an office/storage/exercise room. It’s always easier to view a house with furniture, and this one was especially helpful because the couple had a King sized bed in the master bedroom. The master also includes a walk in closet which is almost unheard of in Scotland and the two bathrooms in the house are some of the nicest that we saw while house hunting.

There is a small fully fenced back garden that is perfectly adequate for our dogs to romp around.

But the best part of the house is its proximity both to Jonathan’s office and a few of the main city parks and gardens. The house is just about a mile from Hazlehead Park which contains a series of wooded running trails. The park is so large that you can run a full 10k loop within its perimeters, but it also has trails off-shooting into the countryside if you wanted to run longer distances or change up the scenery.

It will be a great place both to run and walk the dogs. And from our new house we can actually get to Hazlehead by walking through 2 other connecting parks so that we never have to get on any busy streets enroute to the trails.
The house receives extra bonus points for being walking distance to a Blockbuster, grocery store, pet store and drycleaner. It was also within our budget and will be available for us to move into almost immediately upon our arrival in Aberdeen. I definitely have peace of mind that this is the right property for us in this next chapter of our lives.
I have so much more to tell you about our trip, but Jet Lag is seriously kicking my butt right now, making it awfully hard to form coherent sentences.

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  1. I love it!!! COngratulations!!! That back yard looks pretty darn big, and the location seems amazing. SO HAPPY FOR Y"ALL!!!!!