Monday, January 20, 2014

Nana and Poppa visit Scotland (and Forest)

Nana and Poppa (aka Jonathan’s parents) flew back to the States early Saturday morning. We’re very thankful that they made the long trek across the Atlantic to see us. Their travelling to Scotland didn’t go so smoothly as a late take-off from Newark led to them missing their connection in Paris. 

Jonathan booked their trip across, and as most international travelers know, both Newark and Paris are to be avoided whenever possible. I asked him if he was trying to haze his parents as a form of European traveler initiation, but he swears it was just the best deal he could find. To make matters worse, Jon’s mom’s luggage didn’t arrive until 2 days after they got here. Welcome to world travel! I’ll be kind of glad once we get to California and our travels mainly consist of road trips, or at the very least, direct flights. 

Anyhoo, alls well that ends well, and they made it to Aberdeen safe and sound. They had a great trip, enhanced by some decent January weather, and got to see and experience several of our favorite things in Aberdeenshire. First stop was of course the dramatic and enigmatic Dunottar Castle. 
They were impressed by the seaside fortress, and we got some great photos to mark the occasion. 

After taking plenty of snapshots, we headed to nearby Stonehaven for Fish and Chips at The Marine Hotel. 
Stonehaven’s own ‘The Bay’ is rated the best fish and chips in the whole UK, but Jon and I both prefer The Marine Hotel and take all of our out of town guests there. We first visited the pub when were out-of-towners ourselves, thanks to my parents’ awesome tour guide skills.   

Forest did amazing for both excursions. He was less than thrilled about the windy weather conditions at Dunottar but still cooperated for a good 20 minutes in the elements. During his first restaurant experience, he snoozed for the entire meal until it was time for his own lunch. 

Other landmarks the Perry’s visited along the way included forest walks in Countesswells woods and Hazlehead park, Crathes castle...

 Milton of Crathes artists village and cafe...
First Sticky Toffee Pudding
Trump International Golf Course...

Glendronach whisky distillery, Cairngorm Mountains...

Union Square Mall...
Baby's first trip to starbucks

and Lairhillock Inn for the best sticky toffee pudding around. 

Being as though we have a 2.5 month old baby and they came smack dab in the middle of winter, I’d say they still got to see a lot of great things this country has to offer.  It was good for us, as well, to try on our 'traveling with a baby' training-wheels. Forest did remarkably well during our outings and didn’t have a single meltdown while out and about. 
He’s turning into quite the content and adaptable baby. I hope he continues to enjoy being taken along for the ride, because they are loads of day and weekend trips we are dying to take in Northern California. I’m sure Forest can’t wait to be reunited with his grandparents Stateside!

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  1. Great pictures! The views around Glendronach are amazing! I may take our next visitors there!