Wednesday, January 8, 2014

10 Weeks Old

Double Digits! Forest is 10 weeks old today. 
Life with a baby continues to have it’s ups and downs. Some days are really really good and some days are really really…not so good. I’ve touched on the fact that Forest has colic but until last week I didn’t really comprehend what a universal nightmare that is. I thought I was just a weenie and mentally and emotionally unprepared for parenthood. Well I’ve been doing some research and, apparently, no one is mentally or emotionally prepared to handle a baby who cries for hours on end for no obvious reason and resists every attempt you make to calm them down. 

It made me feel better to get some information on coping and it normalized and validated my ambivalence towards Forest. I love him and he makes my heart swell with pride and joy but sometimes I just want him to STOP CRYING! On Sunday night, I spent four hours rocking this baby whilst simultaneously ‘shushing’ him, and it made not one bit of difference. In the end, I think I cried more than he did. 

Ever since I let myself off the hook with the whole ‘sleep training’ thing, things have (ironically) been going a bit more smoothly. He usually naps after every feed. Mostly these naps last between 30-45 minutes, and the majority of time he will take one 1.5-2.5 hour long nap per day, usually in his swing or stroller. 

I’m not gonna tell y’all how long he sleeps at night, because after I bragged about his 8 hour nights last week, he decided to revert back to 4/5/6 hour nights. I’ll just say that the past 3 nights have been heavenly and I’m crossing my fingers that they continue. I will also say that as of this moment, I am a believer in Baby Wise. 
I feel like I’m fumbling through it and at times it makes no sense in the context of my nap-resistant child, but somehow I’m seeing results. 

The transition to the crib was an epic FAIL, so for now he is back in his rock n play. 
Jon’s parents are arriving this weekend and staying for a week, so we plan on revisiting the crib issue once they leave. You know, just in time to partake in an international relocation. Piece of cake. 

Here are this cutie patootie’s 10 week pictures: 

And more from his 10th week of life, doing his favorite thing in the world- tummy time (I think it might be more of the sheepskin rug that's his favorite thing on earth, but who knows...): 


  1. oh I'm so sorry but at least he loves his tummy time that is something!!

  2. You're doing just great Laine! I love the pictures! You can totally brag about him being so photogenic!

  3. Christmas/New Year's week spoiled me seeing you two frequently! Need some Laine and Forest time, want to see his precious smile in person!