Friday, January 17, 2014

Baby Boom

I am officially a trendsetter. Among my friends in the ‘Deen, 5 of them are now pregnant with their first babies. There is definitely something in the water. I feel like a total pioneer to be the first of us to have a baby. You know, because I am the first woman ever in the history of the world to ever become a mother…..But it can feel that way when your inner circle is largely made up of foot-loose and fancy-free ‘singlets’. 

I’ll likely get to meet 2 of the little ones before we move, but the other three won’t arrive until after we’ve left for California. It makes me really sad! But I’m so glad that they will all have each other to go through this experience with. The next little one is due February 1, and we had a shower for mom-to-be, Kit, this past weekend. It was a great time with some lovely ladies, and I’m glad Jonathan offered to babysit so I could enjoy the festivities.  

I have another baby shower to attend this weekend so it is just a celebratory time all around. I bet the palpable baby fever will result in a few more pregnancies popping up before the end of the year! C’mon Jill, you know you want one of these! ;)


  1. Lookin good friend! Plus I love that snap of forest. He is really growing fast!