Monday, January 6, 2014

Forest's First Forest Walk

I used to say there was nothing sexier than a man in Hunter boots walking his dog.
And then this happened:
I'm a lucky girl...

We’ve been having a fairly mild winter by Scottish standards. Still, we’ve had persistent rain and crazy strong winds which make getting out with Forest a bit daunting. Ever since he was born, I’ve been wanting to take him on one of the Forest walks which inspired his name. Last Sunday, after a solid 8 hours of sleep, the sun was shining and Jonathan and I decided to capitalize on our rare sense of energy and the rare blue skies to take him to one of the nearby forests for a hike.
Foggieton is a nearby forest which features a 1.3 mile loop, perfect for taking Samson along and for testing out how baby boy would respond to being lugged around in our Ergo carrier. 

A friend of mine who takes her baby girl hiking with them recommended we get this carrier for our frequent outings, so I was itching to try it in this capacity. Well, he loved it! 
After 15 minutes he passed out and so we decided to do a double loop and he snoozed for a good 30 minutes while we enjoyed the fresh air and gorgeous morning. We are excited that he reacted so positively because in our final months in Aberdeen and for the next 2 years in Northern California, we will be wanting to get out and explore the beautiful scenery. 

Plus, my in-laws are coming for a visit next week and I’d love to show them around some of the local castles and such. I plan on popping Forest in the Ergo and lugging him with us. Maybe we will even take them on a Forest walk so that they fully understand why we lovingly chose this name for their first grandchild.
I sure am gonna miss this place... 

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