Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Weekly Pinterest Project and Bump Day: 15 weeks

Today I am 15 weeks along, and baby is the size and weight of an apple. Though we aren’t finding out until June 8, it’s likely that an ultrasound now would reveal our baby’s gender. It’s hard to stay patient and wait, especially since this week we are ordering most of our nursery décor. 

Finding something gender neutral that isn’t practically colorless has been a challenge. But after searching to the ends of the internet, we have finally decided on nursery furniture and bedding. Woohoo! Of course, I said that exact same statement last week and have totally changed my mind from my first selection. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull the trigger and actually buy our crib set today. Here’s what we’ve chosen:
I’ve been searching far and wide for a cottage-style French grey baby set, and other than Restoration Hardware and (believe it or not) some even more expensive options, I haven’t been able to find a match. A friend suggested Buy Buy Baby, and when I surfed the sight I immediately found this set which fit what I was looking for perfectly. 
Score! And the best part? It was half the price of the set we had chosen from RH. Double score! 

The only trouble is that the website says it’s available for purchase ‘in store only’. I’m going to call today and see if I can somehow place an order over the phone, otherwise, Mamma Diane or Uncle Clint will be making the purchase for me. 

It’s nerve racking to place such an important and expensive order without seeing the items I’m purchasing in person, but such is the life of an ex-pat. I’m just super lucky that Jonathan’s company is supplying us with a baby shipment, because I surely wasn’t finding what I was looking for in the UK. 

Their stuff is really cute, but pretty minimalist and modern, which is totally not my aesthetic. Same with the bedding here. I decided pretty early on that I wanted linen baby bedding. Again, it was hard to find a set that didn’t break the bank, and even harder to find one that came in the seaglass green color I had my heart set on. And then I started thinking- why do I have to order bedding now? If I don’t get it custom made, I don’t. I can wait until I find out the gender before making my final decision and then do a rush order. 

At this realization, my dreams of a lavender nursery for a baby girl started running rampant. So….I found a linen set that has a bed skirt in a natural, grayish brown color, and then the bumper in several different options. If it’s a girl, we move forward with a pretty lilac color bumper, if it’s a boy, ‘aqua’ green. It’s a tad brighter than seaglass, but still fits the mold of what we had in mind. 
And now that I have my nursery theme, furniture, and bedding sorted out, it’s time to start stressing about strollers, carseats, breast pumps, bassinets, etc. It’s seriously overwhelming. If any of you Moms out there can help me narrow down my options by suggesting a specific brand or product, please please please do so. 

On to bump pics for the week. I really feel like this week I have been showing much more. Even when I wake up in the morning, I’ve got a noticeable bump, and I’m starting to feel a shift in my center of gravity. I feel like it’s most noticeable from straight on, so I had Jonathan take a few from that angle this week. 

Oh, and to explain why I’m wearing the same outfit every week, I saw these collages on pinterest that I thought were too cute. I’m hoping to put together a similar progression at the end of my pregnancy. 
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  1. Aw i love your baby bump pics, that is such a good idea too.
    I love the baby bedroom ideas, too cute. It wont be too long before you can start decorating!

  2. I love the crib!!! You're making me feel behind on this baby stuff! All I've done is compiled a spreadsheet with everyone's must haves and recommendations. I guess we still have some time before we go home in July to stock up.

    I like the baby bump progression pics:)