Thursday, May 23, 2013

Calling Baton Rouge

Jet lag is a beast, y’all. I’ve been waking up at 4 am, exhausted, but unable to fall back asleep. The safety of my beloved melatonin is untested in pregnant women, so although I’m sure it’s completely fine, I’m still hesitant to take a full dose.  The result is a jetlagged and pregnant Laine, which basically means that I am a walking zombie. 

So yesterday, when I was supposed to be running around Baton Rouge shopping and visiting old pals, I was instead lying listless on my grandparents’ couch. I ended up squeezing in a cat nap while my grandma was watching General Hospital which at least gave me enough energy to go meet up with April for a delicious sushi meal at Drunken Fish, one of my favorite college eating spots. 

Don’t worry, I only ordered deep fried rolls which are perfectly safe for a pregnant lady to enjoy.  Even April agreed that Drunken Fish really stepped up their game last night, and it was the most delicious meal I’ve had in a while. Craving satisfied.

After sushi, we got ice cream and rented Beautiful Creatures, a surprisingly good film. So good that I bought the book directly afterward, assuming that it’ll be even better than the movie. 

I crashed at April’s place and ended up getting a full night’s sleep! I felt amazing this morning. So amazing that I headed to her apartment gym for an hour long cardio workout that left me feeling completely restored (and less guilty about the deep fried sushi and ice cream binge the night before). 

While staying at April’s, I got a sneak peak at the cloud and hot air balloon mobile that she’s making for the baby. She also started making her case that she’ll be the best Aunt ever, by gifting baby jelly bean this Louisiana seasons onsie, this textured woodland animals baby cloth that he sister made for me, and a pastel yellow picture frame to go in the nursery. 

So even if my road trip to BR wasn’t the most productive, at least I got some quality time with my BFF and some awesome baby gifts out of it. Thanks for letting me crash, April! Sushi, ice cream, and a slumber party was just what I needed to get me out of my jetlag funk and on the road to sleep recovery. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to New Orleans to see my other BFF, her sweet baby boy, and maybe even a sneak peek at my own baby jelly bean. I'll keep you posted!

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