Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bump Day: 18 weeks

Ohmygoodness I am the worst blogger ever. I’m surprised you’re even still reading this. You should have given up on me a long time ago. I have the best intentions with continuing to post everyday, but lately it seems like I either lack the time or the energy to get it done. 

I was starting to struggle with the daily posts around the time my grandfather passed away, and two weeks later when I find out I was pregnant, I just totally fell off the blogging wagon. When I went to post today’s Bumpdate, I was mortified to see that it had been a full week since I had blogged. I’m very sorry about this, and I promise that I will do my best to be a more frequent poster from now on. 

My most recent excuse for not being consistent is that last week I was busy making travel preparations to come to the States. Currently I am at my parents’ house in Covington, LA and the past two days have been a smorgasbord of shopping and satisfying pregnancy cravings. 

My dad reminded me before leaving Scotland that I needed to pack my bump dress. Wearing a sweater dress in the muggy heat of south Louisiana isn’t the pleasant experience that it is in Aberdeen. Especially since my mom is an enthusiastic photographer and insisted on putting me in several different poses and trying out different locals in the backyard until the lighting looked just right. Here’s one she made me take in the classic senior picture pose, which basically makes me look like an 18 year old in trouble. 
My bump is growing bit by bit everyday and at 18 weeks, baby is about the size of a bellpepper.  I am definitely ready for maternity clothes and am loving my elastic waistband jean shorts that my mom bought me. I tried on my bridesmaids dress and it’s fitting pretty well. I don’t think it’ll need to be altered other than taking it up a bit. I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t have too significant of a bump growth spurt between now and next Saturday. Here are the bump photos for week 18, pictures courtesy of Mamma Diane.  

I'll be in Baton Rouge tonight visiting family and my buddy April, so I'll try to tell you more about that trip when I get the chance. Thanks for checking in! 


  1. so cute Laine! Having to wear that sweater dress in south LA must have been brutal! Let us know when you have your big reveal!

  2. I never miss reading your blog no matter how ''not often'' they are. I really enjoy the weekly bump photos.