Friday, May 10, 2013

Highs, Lows, and Sticky Toffee Pudding

This week has felt crazy long. We had some pretty rough mornings at the front end of the week that really wore me out. Also, it was my week to host bible study so cleaning the house and making food preparations widely detracted from my nap time. Which was unfortunate since this week has definitely been the most tired I’ve felt so far in my pregnancy.

Still, all in all, it was a great week complete with some fantastic summer weather. Here’s a summary of the week via highs and lows. 

1) Getting our car broken into and having our iPod, GPS, parking money, and Snickers Bar stolen. We’re fortunate that they didn’t damage the car at all, and that our house was left alone, but it’s still maddening that people feel the right to steal from others. 

2) Bailey was quite sick this week. She kept me up all night on Monday wanting to go in and out to the backyard. I fell asleep on the job which gave her no choice but to get sick all over the carpet. And not the burgundy carpet where the stain wouldn’t be so blatant, but on the beige carpet where it took one hour of scrubbing in the morning to get it down to this stain. 
Not a great chore to wake up to. 

And Samson also must have got the memo that I need some on-the-job sleep deprivation training, because 2 nights later it was his turn to keep me up all night with requests for potty breaks, treats, and play time.  

Of course, Jonathan slept through it all, which gives me a preview of what those late night feedings and diaper changings are gonna look like.   

3) Just in general, feeling tired, cranky, and stressed. My pregnancy hormones are making me feel like I have the worst PMS in history. I’ll be fine one minute, and the next I am in a blind rage. Poor, poor Jonathan, who has dealt patiently with me even when I snap at him for no apparent reason. 


1) Sticky Toffee Pudding. We celebrated 1 year in Scotland with this traditional dessert on Monday night. 
Then on Wednesday, for the AWA Spring Luncheon, I had another helping of my favorite Scottish treat. 
2) Sunny weather. 
We had a few days of ‘summer’ this week, and I even managed to carve out 15 minutes to read outside in the sun.  The weather is supposed to take a significantly colder turn this week, so I’m a bit bummed that I wasn’t able to take more advantage of the sunshine. I am in serious need of a tan! Still, I was happy to spend an hour outside with the pups on Tuesday morning in nothing but shorts and a tshirt.   

3) Catching up with an old friend and meeting a few new ones. An old friend from my hometown recently moved to Aberdeen with his wife. A large group of us went out to dinner last night where I was able to spend some time with both of them. 

The flip side of people constantly moving out of Aberdeen, is that there are always new people arriving.  I also met a fellow American girl who is pregnant and due 10 days before me. It was fun swapping stories and I’m sure we’ll have plenty to bond over in the coming months. 

4) Discovering the mystic* App. It’s like Instagram on steroids. I love that I can create photos that look like art, despite having little creativity to my own name. Look how pretty!

 What about you? How was your week?

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