Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Samson!

Saturday was Samson’s 8th birthday. We spoiled our baby boy rotten by taking him in the car with us to run Saturday errands. 
Then he got to go on a big dog hike with Bailey and Angus all the way up Scolty Hill. 

His mountain climbing skills are seriously impressive. He made it up and down with plenty of energy to spare. 
We didn’t bake a special cake, but he got plenty of Ritz crackers (his favorite) and he even got to lick the almost empty peanut butter jar clean. 

Then to cap it all off, he got to sleep in the bed with us. The little dragon snored all night long from the comfort of his momma’s pillow.  
In honor of the birthday boy, I’d like to say a few words on his behalf. We ‘rescued’ Samson from Cavalier Rescue USA nearly 4 years ago, and we fell head over heels for this snuggle bug when he climbed right into my lap and slept for the entire 5 hour car ride back to Midland. 

We decided to get a second dog for Bailey’s sake, thinking she’d benefit from having a playmate. 
Bailey and Sam meeting for the first time.
We found out quickly that Bailey and Sam didn’t have much in common, and though they seldom ‘play’, they do peacefully co-exist and occasionally enjoy a nap together (their one common hobby).  

Samson is the sweetest, most gentle, friendliest, most fearless dog I have ever known. And he’s seriously cute. 
Sometimes I wish I could just scoop him up and eat him like ice cream. His nickname these days is ‘Snickers’ because he is so deliciously adorable. 
He follows me everywhere. He likes to sit in the bay window and watch the neighborhood all day long, letting me know with a friendly yelp if someone’s out walking a dog or if the mailman’s making his way up the driveway. 
He loves walks through the forest and bath time afterward. 
He’s a certified therapy dog, and when he passed his exam, the examiner told me that he had the ‘perfect’ personality for cheering people up. It's true. Even on my hardest days, he fills my heart with joy. 

He’s helped to keep my baby fever at bay for the past 4 years by letting me tote him around as if he were an infant. I’m excited to see him transition from baby of the family to gentle, affectionate, and patient big brother.

I love you Sammy and pray that we get to enjoy several more amazing birthdays in the future. 


  1. Happy Birthday Samson! I love the pic of his in the shower. Adorable!!! What a little snuggle bug!

  2. Kyros has his good looks, but whenever we would keep your pups and walk all three together, no one would even give him a glance. Everyone cooed and ahhed over Sampson. Such a cutie! Happy Birthday Sampson!!!