Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Things are Looking Up

After 6 months of snow and weeks of nonstop winter weather, Spring is finally fighting its way into Scotland. This week has been a welcome break from the dreary black cloud that has been following us around lately. The sun has made a few appearances and the temperatures have hit the 40s. The 40s y’all!! Heat wave. 

And more importantly, the start of Spring seems to have coincided with the end of the worst of my morning sickness and fatigue, which means I’ve actually been able to go outside and witness the dry weather. Yesterday started with a 3 mile run with Bailey girl, followed by a nice 1.3 mile walk to my friend Vicki’s to ‘paint our own sunshine’. 
I love the wide sidewalks in Aberdeen.

and the cobblestone streets!
I haven’t been the only miserable person in Aberdeen, and we thought it would be fun to make some sunshine themed garland for the next AWA meeting. 

A few of us got together in Vicki’s sunroom to craft our suns and string them together. 

I think it turned out really cute, though I was admittedly the least crafty person there. 
Hopefully these talented ladies will rub some of their artistic skills off on me, because I am seriously lacking in the creativity department. 

Not only are my friends super talented, but they are the sweetest, most thoughtful people on Earth. When I got to Vicki’s kitchen, she showed me a few things she picked up for me at Wowzie’s: Authentic Mac and Cheese, Goldfish, and FRITOS!!!! 
Fritos, ya’ll! I almost cried with happiness. 

It was such a lovely afternoon spent in great company, and even though I’m not so great at the whole ‘art’ thing, I love crafting anyway. It might be something I get more involved in since my 10 mile hiking days might be over for the time being and I’m needing a new hobby (other than watching Friends).

Another great thing about this week was that the clocks rolled back, so it is staying light until 8 pm. Jonathan and I were able to take Sam for an evening walk in the park which was just so pleasant. 
It helps this pregnant girl out so much to have an extra hour to get out there and take care of my dog walking responsibilities. And guess what we spotted at Johnston Gardens? 
Flowers!!! They are blooming and budding which means they know that Spring is here! 

And speaking of dog walking, Bailey had one heck of a field trip today. My friend Pam suggested we take advantage of the clear skies and head out to Balmedie beach. Since Bailey adores the ocean, especially chasing sea gulls, I thought this would be a great way to pair my dog exercising with my girl talking. 
I like taking Bailey to the Scottish beaches because they are so wide that she can get plenty far away and I still feel comfortable since I can spot her in the distance. 
She probably sprinted for the entire hour that we were out there and is now completely zonked. 
Thanks for the suggestion, Pam. We should do it again soon!


  1. Definitely! And we should do some crafting! So many baby things to little time!!

    Thanks for coming out was fun!

  2. I second the crafting! I want to learn how to make some hats. We need to plan a mimosa (and sparkling juice) day paired with some knitting!