Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Montage

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. I’ve figured out that blogging takes up about an hour and a half each day, which is about the same amount of time that napping takes. The days you get a blog post are the days I don’t get a nap, and well, lately napping has been winning out. The other hours of my day have been filled with tons of productive activities, hence the need for some mid-day shut eye. Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been up to over the past few days. 

1) Getting an inside peek at our little jelly bean. 
2) Spending sunny mornings at the park. 
3) Catching up on The Amazing Race while Bailey catches up on her beauty sleep. 
4) Picking out a color scheme for the nursery. 
I think we're sold on seaglass as the main color with a pastel accent pallet.
5) Staying in and ordering Chinese. 
Hulu has every single season of Amazing Race ever, y’all. Jonathan and I have a lot of work to do to catch up.  We can't be bothered with making our own food...

6) Maternity clothes shopping. 
Proof that I do, occasionally, leave the house. 

7) Planning the nitty gritty details of our Gender Reveal Party. Invites? Menu? Revealing mechanism? I just can’t decide between balloons or cupcakes as our medium to announce if we’re having a boy or a girl. 
(Original Source)

8) Nesting. First order of business, organize the junk room so that we can move my office and vanity in there, thereby emptying out the nursery so we can start on our masterpiece. We went to Costco and bought some storage racks which have helped us to declutter the room a bit. 

Also, it helped us to take an inventory of things we’re running low on so that we can stock up on our upcoming trip to the States. Once baby is born, I doubt we’ll be visiting America quite as often, so we have to make sure we’re stocked with all the necessities. Jonathan mentioned that we’re running low on Rotel. 
That’s true. We only have 54 cans left.    


  1. I think the "I can't be bothered by..." is my new favorite (Scottish) saying. Absolutely love the nursery colors!!

  2. Blogging quality still excellent.

  3. Naps are a must! We all understand the shift in priorities. It takes a lot of energy to grow that beautiful jellybean of yours!! Love the sonogram pic, thanks for posting. I've never seen balloons used for a gender reveal! That's my vote. Although cupcakes are truly classic. Can't go wrong my friend XO

  4. I'm with you on the napping:) Can you believe how much the faces have developed in the recent scan? I was so amazed at ours. I really like the nursery colors! Both ideas are good for the gender reveal. If you want people to know instantly, cupcakes are a good choice. If you want to build up the suspense and wait until everyone arrives, then I would go for the balloon reveal.

  5. I love the balloon idea, you can capture such great pictures!!!!