Friday, April 5, 2013

Highs and Lows, Lows and Highs

My weekly 'highs and lows' posts are especially fitting during this chapter of my life, because I feel like my state of being fluctuates widely from one day to the next. I’ll have a string of good days followed by a morning where I simply can’t get out of bed. But on the bright side, the good days are becoming more frequent, and the bad days more occasional. Here’s a glimpse of my highs and lows this week: 


1) Yesterday was a really bad day. A sleep til noon, don’t take a shower, eat cereal for every meal kind of day.   
It was a beautiful day yesterday, but this was my view...
To make matters even more pitiful, I had some head cold symptoms such as a sore throat, aching ears, headache, runny nose, and neck pain. If you combine those symptoms with first trimester pregnancy, it all feels eerily similar to the flu. Blah. I should be used to feeling this tired and sick, but after a string of 3 days where I felt like a semblance of my old self, it really took me by surprise. 

I cried several times in sheer frustration, just so mad at feeling so utterly worthless. It got to the point where I just had to watch Forrest Gump and let myself just cry it out for some good catharsis. I wouldn’t wish morning sickness on my worst enemy. It is the pits.  

 2) In the midst of my no-good-very-bad-day yesterday, a neighbor thought it would be a great time to leave me this little note asking if I would sweep the ‘chuckies’ from the sidewalk in front of my house. 
First off, I don’t know what ‘chuckies’ are. A ‘Chucky’ in my mind is sociopathic doll. But in this case, I’m assuming it the  Doric term for 'gravel'. We have a gravel driveway and so when we pull our car in and out, sometimes the gravel spills onto the sidewalk. Usually our gardener takes care of this, but with the winter weather, he hasn’t been by in a while. 

And since the winter weather coincided with my falling pregnant, sweeping the chuckies back into my driveway hasn’t been at the top of my priority list.  So, dear neighbor, please GET OVER IT. I have enough guilt in my life right now with trying to inadequately care for my husband and pups, so if the state of my front garden is bothering you, be my guest and sweep up the chuckies yourself. Sorry, had to vent a little bit… 

Now on to more pleasant subjects, here are the highs of the week. 


1) Getting confirmation about our baby shipment from the US. We can ship anything up to 500 pounds (as in weight, not British currency) of goods. Since most of the cribs and conversion sets we are looking at come to about 150 pounds and the changing tables come to about the same, that will leave us with 200 pounds for a stroller and some other things. Any must have items that we should make sure to stock up on? 

2) Girl time with Pam and Bailey at Balmedie Beach. 
It was great to get some fresh air and stretch my legs, while simultaneously exercising Bailey (which has quickly become my most cumbersome chore). It’s so much better when I can just let her off of a leash and let her chase seagulls for an hour while I take a leisurely stroll with a buddy. 

3) Sushi fix. Don’t judge me; I stuck with the deep fried kind of sushi. 
Brits love their mustard, and I’ve been craving a crunchy roll dipped in some tarty mustard for weeks now. I was glad I finally got to indulge my craving this week.   

4) Mahjong. 
It’s just fun, especially when you’re on a winning streak. Baby must be lucky. 

Alright, it's about 2:30 in the afternoon which is pregnant-speak for naptime.  But what about you? Highs and lows this week?


  1. Laine, stop feeling so guilty for everything! You are going through some major changes and preparations for the future. Your life is going to be different and that's okay! When people are training for marathons they eat more, drink loads more water, endure lots of stretching, icing, and often times physical therapy, and sleep more heavily than normal due to the preparations. Think of what you are doing in the same way. On the outside you may not be doing all of these things, but you could say that on the inside you are! Sweet girl, you worry too much about what you can't do, but don't see what you ARE doing... bringing life. :o)

  2. Double ditto to the encouraging words from Krystal! And. I craved sushi when I was preggo. Avocado eel rolls to be exact. So the cooked stuff is super safe and yummy! It's nice to eat something that makes you feel good, huh?

    P.s. screw the neighbor. People who leave notes are gutless. Ring my doorbell and say that to my face ( they wouldn't)


  3. I love that the neighbor typed the note. Were they afraid you'd recognize them by their handwriting? That's one step away from a newspaper Cutout ransom type note. Weird. :-)

    Anyways - I also ditto Krystal's thoughts! Embrace your newfound relaxation days! It didnt look like Bailey was too miserable laying next to you soakin up cuddle time!