Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bump Day: 13 weeks

Hey friends! Today marks the start of my 13th week of pregnancy. Most people think 13 is an unlucky number, but not this girl. As someone who identifies herself as having rotten luck, I’ve sort of adopted it as a suitable insignia. I even went so far as to voluntarily choose it as my soccer number in college. And now it’s fitting that our wee baby will be born in 2013.  

Further proof that 13 is a good number:  this is the first week that I’ve had a consistently visible baby bump. So from now on (well until around October 23rd, Lord Willing), Wednesday will be known on the blog as ‘Bump Day’ (cute word play blatantly stolen from my friend Pam). Last week we had our 12 week ultrasound and were given 5 photos of the jellybean from various angles. Here is an inside peek: 

Kinda looks like Jonathan, dontcha think?
And here is an outside peek:

 PS. How badly do I need a tan? Yikes.


  1. Love your little bump! And I'll have Bump Day updates to look forward to every week!

  2. You look perfect!! Eeee, I'm so excited for bump day! How amazing is that little miracle growing inside you? Your baby already has such beautiful little features. Just look at that sweet little nose... God is good!!

  3. Hi there, congrats on the baby! I have been following your blog for a number of months since we did the opposite ex-pat assignment to you (aberdeen-houston). Also, rather spookily, we are also 13 weeks pregnant today and due October 23rd! So whilst you are american and having a wee scots baba we are scots having a wee american!

    Congrats again :) xx

  4. Yay!!! So glad you've adopted Bump Day! And your bump is adorable...the inside and outside one! So amazing such a perfectly baby looking person can fit inside such a tiny bump! Looking forward to more bumpdates

  5. Living in Aberdeen, I was googling 'Aberdeen blogs' on my lunch hour to see if there was any interesting local blogs worth following - and your's came up first. Spookily however, I'm also expecting our first baby on October 23rd! I'll be following your blog with intent now :) Hope you are well. P.S. Your bump is much cuter than mine!