Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Starting to Hit Me

Sometimes it hits me: this is really happening.
Jonathan received his official job offer last night which will set in motion a chaotic chain reaction of events including: visa applying, house selling, house hunting, car selling, and shipment readying. For each move, we are assigned a relocation agent who guides us through every step of the process. Hopefully we will hear from them today so that we can get a move on (pun absolutely intended).  
The first order of business is applying for visas. We also both need to have a medical exam to ensure we’re fit for an international assignment. Once the doc verifies that we are healthy we can move forward with putting our house on the market.
I’m mostly anxious about setting up our Scottish vacation house hunting trip to Aberdeen. Once we have an idea of where we’ll be living, we’ll know how much furniture to bring and how much storage to expect. Also, I’d like to be able to put the house hunting dates on my calendar so that I can take care of some unfinished business in the US.
One thing on my “before we ex-patriate” bucket list is to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so I’ve got to squeeze that in soon. Fortunately, my sister just moved 2 hours away from Orlando so I’ll also get to spend some time with her and her boys before leaving the States. I’ve been holding off on giving her definitive dates until our house hunting trip is booked, but it’s looking as though I’ll get to visit Scotland and Hogwarts within a single month of each other.
Sometimes it hits me: I am seriously blessed.
Hogwart's Castle, Orlando, FL

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