Friday, March 23, 2012

Market Value


We have a realtor coming in about 15 minutes to give us a market analysis of our home value. Do you think the fact that they’ve just started major construction on our street will decrease the value of our home? Gotta love Houston! I think the tourism slogan for the city is “Under Construction”. At least it feels that way in our hood.

Once we finish meeting with the realtor we will send off our visa paperwork, including our passports. Some people feel naked without their cell phone, I feel naked without my passport. It’s not like I have an international trip on the books or anything, I just like having the option. I feel a bit trapped without it in my possession. 
Since we’ve accomplished so many biggies this week, we’ve decided to take a relaxing break this weekend and go enjoy the beautiful spring weather at Lake Conroe. With the rain we’ve gotten this week, we may even be able to get the boat out after the crippling drought we experienced last summer. 

And hopefully I’ll be able to get a tan before shipping off the the UK.  In fact, I’m going to add “Get a Tan” to my to-do list, and perhaps “Finish South of Broad by Pat Conroy” and “Drink a Margarita” and “Eat Gelato” and “Go See The Hunger Games”, just to give myself the illusion of productivity while I laze away the weekend.  

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