Friday, March 9, 2012

House Hunters International

While expatriating will undoubtedly involve some stress, it also contains tons of excitement. For instance, today a friend sent me the link for a casting call for House Hunters International. I’ve sent the contact person our basic move information and attached some stinkin’ adorable pictures of ourselves.
Dang, I should have included a picture of Samson! Why didn’t I think of that before? Who can say no to Little Sam?

Who can say no to this face? Seriously, this sweet mug has gotten us out of at least 3 traffic tickets.
Oh well, the email has been sent and way less adorable pictures of Jon and I will just have to do. It goes without saying that in the coming weeks, I will be obsessively checking my phone and email for a response. We are huge fans of the show and if I had to pick a way to spend my 15 minutes of fame, HGTV would definitely be the way to go. Wish us luck! 


  1. I so have my fingers crossed and I will totally hold a viewing party in Tyler of you get on!

  2. I'm so glad I ran across your blog. My husband is in Aberdeen and I am trusting God that I will be there with him soon. We shipped our two cats over last May.

    1. Julie- I'm glad you found it too! It's great to hear that your cats made it to the UK safely. Shipping our dogs there has me more anxious than anything else. Hopefully you'll be joining your hubby and cats in Aberdeen soon.