Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Progress Report

Last week was not very productive, but it was a whole lotta fun. We spent two nights at the Houston Rodeo, one night out with family, and a whirlwind weekend in Louisiana. Here’s a summary of what was accomplished last week and what’s on deck for the next 7 days.
Logistics: Jonathan sent in his relocation paperwork last Tuesday, but there was an “issue” so he has to resubmit it today. We were bummed about this since there seems to be about a 4 day turnaround on processing paperwork. We can put our house on the market and schedule a house hunting trip as soon as we have the paperwork approved and obtain medical clearance. Our medial exam is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I just found out the it involves fasting, and there is nothing in this world that I hate more than fasting. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Of course, after my weekend spent eating my way through south Louisiana, I could probably use a little abstinence from food. 
Jonathan completed his mandatory “Financial Advising” Orientation where they review all of the tax intricacies of living in another country. I’m free to attend this same orientation if I’d like to on Thursday. No thanks.

The biggest accomplishment on my list so far is having the dogs microchipped this morning. That’s the first step to a long and arduous process. Tomorrow they get their Rabies vaccinations. Lucky dogs get to visit the vet two days in a row. They’ll be so excited. I know getting shots is their absolute favorite thing on Earth. Not at all. Luckily they have an overindulgent mom who has been showering them with cheesy rice cakes  all morning long so they are getting close to forgiving me. 

Shipment: I got nothing. Really slacked off last week. 
This Week’s Goals: My biggest goal is to get the dogs’ paperwork filled out and mailed to the USDA for “official” approval. I’m more anxious about filling out their paperwork correctly than I am with my own. I’ll definitely be doing a lot of emailing to DEFRA in the UK to make sure everything is picture perfect before my pets get onto a plane. I’ve already emailed them a few times to make sure I’ve got my facts straight. I can already tell that they are going to love me by the time this ordeal is over with. 
Another big goal is to get the house staged and ready to sell. Biggies on that particular to do list are to clean our carpet (to get rid of any dog smell that we may not notice anymore), fix some broken slate tiles on our porch, and landscape the backyard. Its a bit ambitious, but in my ideal world, the dog paperwork will be in the mail and my house will be ready to sell by Sunday.   
My first day as a House Wife started out with a 7 mile run. My goal is to be promoted to Trophy Wife soon. For now, it’s off to run errands and do some yard work. Yuck!


  1. Hi! So I stumbled on your blog as I do some searching of my own. I'm actually in Houston and in the process of taking a job in Aberdeen myself! I'm going to be starting my visa process any day, which is super exciting and super nerve wrecking at the same time! It would be great if we could meet sometime for coffee or something. My name is Haileigh and I live near the Galleria. My email is if you want to shoot me an email instead of posting on here! Thanks and good luck!

    1. What a small world! I'll definitely be emailing you soon to chat!