Friday, July 12, 2013

Summertime Highs and Lows

Hello from sunny, summery Scotland! This July is a totally different story from what we had last year at this time. We are getting pretty spoiled with consistently warm days and clear skies.
I even have a bit of a tan. I will say that I’ve completely lost my tolerance for hot weather though. I was doing my bible study in the back garden today and had to come in because I was starting to feel overheated. When I checked the temperature, I expected to see that Aberdeen had gotten into the high 80s. I had to laugh when the thermometer said 73. Boy am I in a world of trouble if we ever move back to Texas.

Sunshine and true summer weather has been a definite high of the week. Here are some other ups and downs.

1) I haven’t been as active or as mobile as I’d like to be this week due to some intense pain in my big toe. Not sure what’s going on or if it’s pregnancy related, but I’m trying to stay off of it for fear that it might hinder my walking ability during next week’s trip to Paris. It’s a bummer because we’re getting some prime hiking weather right now, but I’m just being a bit of a bum instead of getting out there and experiencing it.

2) Saying goodbye. Another couple has left Aberdeen this week for an opportunity in London. I’m so happy for them, but it’s always hard to say goodbye, and constantly re-iterates what a transient life we lead.

Sometimes I envy my friends back home who live near family and friends, and who buy or build houses to raise their kids in, without the constant fear that their best friend will pick up and leave or that their company will require them to move to a foreign country at a moment’s notice. It’s so tempting to throw up our hands and say ‘We’re done! Move us back to Louisiana!’, but when I actually think about leaving Aberdeen, I realize I’m not quite ready to leave this adventure behind.

I pray constantly that God leaves our hearts and minds open for the next opportunity. I love to see how His hand has been such a part of this move, and I love how this life of nomadic uncertainty forces me to lean on and trust in Him. I’m constantly refocusing on His plan for us, because we’re never afforded the opportunity of getting comfortable or settling in.

Especially in pregnancy, I have my moments of overwhelming fear about being so far from home. In the fight or flight situation, I am all about flight! I want to deliver in a private American hospital. I want to have an epidural if I want one. I want to be able to have my baby boy circumcised right away in the hospital if I choose.

But then I think: Baby Jesus was born in a stable, via natural childbirth. He was probably circumcised in similar conditions. So if that was good enough for the birth of the Lord, a public hospital in Aberdeen is certainly good enough for our wee lad.  
I just try to imagine how Mary must have felt, 9 months pregnant, journeying through the desert on a donkey, to be turned away from the only sanitary lodging in town and mercifully offered a place in a manger beside the livestock for the delivery her first born. I would have majorly FREAKED out.

Comparatively, delivering naturally (despite my pleas for an epidural), in a well-equipped (though dingy) hospital, seems quite luxurious. Oh dear, I’ve gone off on a tangent, haven’t I?

1) I’ve already mentioned it, but the beautiful weather has definitely been the best part of my week. I’ve gotten to wear tank tops, sundresses, and sandals. I’ve gotten to eat ice cream outdoors.
I’ve gotten to work on tanning my baby bump.
I’ve gotten to sleep with the windows open. I’ve gotten to picnic by the river. 

It’s been absolutely glorious. 

Actually, that’s about it for this week. My toe injury has kept me sidelined and resting, which means I’ve mostly been up to reading, surfing the internet, playing Sudoku, and watching Gilmore Girls re-runs.  That doesn’t make for very good blogging subject matter, now does it?

So what about you? Highs and Lows this week?


  1. High got the 1941 Model H John Deere tractor that my Father restored to show quality towed 700 miles to its new (my) home and in the garage. LOW - my Suburban has to sleep outside from now on.

  2. This weather is amazing!! But, I am so not used to it anymore. I'm sweating a lot. Sebastian and I keep coming inside because of how hot we're getting. Isn't that sad?! My whole family are calling us light weights. I'm just not used to 90+ degree weather with humidity!