Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pregnant in Paris

Since we didn’t have much specifically planned for our time in Paris, other than our tour of Monet’s Gardens, we decided to have a fun little scavenger hunt of taking bump pics in front of some of the most famous sites in the city. It’s amazing to think of how many places our baby has already travelled in utero. He’s been skiing in the French Alps...
he’s been to visit the USA twice with stops in Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama...
first meeting with his future BFF Kye

...he’s been hiking up Bennachie, Scolty, and Clachnaben hills....

....and now he can add Paris to his in-utero passport. Here are the pictures to prove he was there:   

Notre Dame:
 Palace of Justice:
 Monet's House and Gardens:
 Overlooking the Paris skyline from Sacre Couer:
 Sacre Couer:
 Luxembourg Gardens:
 The Louvre:
 Tuileries Garden:
 The Siene River:
 Monet's Water lilies in his Japanese water garden:
 The Eiffel Tower!:

 The Pantheon:
 Moulin Rouge:
 and the Arc du Triomphe:
Yep, our international bebe is off to quite a strong traveling start. Next stop: the western Isles of Scotland!


  1. HAHA... I love the random McDonald's. :)

  2. I like them all, but I have to agree I love the Mc'D shot :)

  3. He does sound a little like his Mom. Not that you traveled all these places while in utero but before you were 8 weeks you landed in Frankfurt and Saudi Arabia. Before you turned one you also spent a week in London and surrounding areas. I think Baby Perry is off to a mighty fine start!!! Looking good MY princess. Miss you much

  4. I love this. You are going to cherish these photos so very much. I still look at my boys and think, omg you were inside of me! ha.