Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bump Day: 24 Weeks

Yesterday was a huge milestone for my pregnancy. After my Legs, Bums, and Tums class at the gym, one of the ladies approached me and excitedly asked me when my due date was. It was the first time that a stranger has felt confident enough about the size of my bump to freely assume I’m pregnant, rather than wondering whether I’m expecting or perhaps just wearing a particularly unflattering blouse. 
my bump in gym clothes
Nope, there is no hiding the evidence anymore. My belly is growing outward every day, and the first thing I do every morning is take stock of its size. Even Jonathan caught a glimpse of my bare belly yesterday and exclaimed, “Woah. You’re like really pregnant!”. I can tell a stark difference in my baby bump size just from the past week. 
In fact, Baby Boy supposedly put on 4 ounces in the past 7 days, and is set to grow at a steady pace for the remainder of my pregnancy. I had a midwife appointment last Friday and she assured me that baby is still measuring right at October 23rd and has a good strong heart beat. 

24 weeks is a big marker because it means the baby is ‘viable’. This essentially means that if I went into premature labor, Baby Boy would still have a fighting chance at survival (after months in a NICU). We’re fervently praying that it doesn’t come to that, but it’s still nice to know that we’ve passed such a big hurdle. 

Here are the bump pics from this week. We had to move the photo session indoors since the Scottish rain was relentless all afternoon. 
Here is just a progression of my bump from week 13 until now. 
It’s so funny to think back on how I was so proud of my ‘bump’ at 13 weeks. Now I feel like I looked so tiny. I’ll be happy if I can get my tummy back to that size after the baby is born!


  1. Silly Jonathan! Can't believe it's been three weeks since you found out you were having a boy!

  2. You look amazing!! The bump is the coolest thing about pregnancy!

  3. Happy 6months!!! Eeeee...your bump is most certainly all baby and SO beautiful. Enjoy all the compliments and special treatment from here on out. Looking undeniably pregnant is the fun part! (except for when you walk behind a chair or through an open door and totally underestimate how much space your bump needs to sail through. lol.)