Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baileys Brownie Trifle

Today I want to tell you about Baileys Brownie Trifle. 
Not, not that Bailey, this Baileys. 
The scrumptious coffee liquor that our green eyed, red haired, freckle-faced baby girl was named for because, though her ancestry is French, our girl has always looked stereotypically Irish. 
And even though it’s one of the most popular dog names on the planet (for both girls and boys), I’ve never met a pup who looked more like a ‘Bailey’ than ours. 
Straight up.
But enough about her, let’s talk about chocolate! This recipe is a humongous hit amongst my family and it can always be found at any large family gathering such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Since I missed out on both of those holidays this past year, I’ve been overdue for some Brownie Trifle. 

When the girls got together for our weekly Bachelorette viewing on Tuesday, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to splurge. It’s super simple to make and so so so yummy. 

All you need is: 

2 packs of chocolate jello pudding
2 batches of brownies (enough to make about 20)
About 4 shots of Bailey’s or Kahlua liquor depending on your preference
2 packs of cool whip
1 pack of Heath candy bits(You can use other candies. Some of our favorites are Reese’s Peanut Butter cup bits and Andes mint bits. I’ve also used crumbled Oreos. Pick your poison.)
***Unfortunately, many of the ingredients can’t be found in the UK, so I had to go on a scavenger hunt and fork over precious poundage for some of the American items, such as chocolate jello pudding and Heath bar bits. If you’re in the Aberdeen area, I’d suggest looking at Wowzie’s downtown or Mains of Drum in Banchory, which is where I found mine. 

For cool whip, I used to sachets of  powdered Bird's Dream Topping mixed with milk. 

I’d advise using less than the recommended milk amount, otherwise it ends up a bit runny. 

1) Bake brownies according to directions and let them cool. 2)While brownies are baking, make chocolate pudding and set in the fridge. If you need to make your cool whip, this can be done while the brownies are baking as well. 
3) With a fork, pole holes throughout the brownies and then pour the liquor over the pan. 

Let the brownies soak in the liquor for a few minutes. 

4) Chop up the brownies into small pieces and layer half of the stash into the bottom on a trifle dish. 

5) Over the brownies, scoop in a layer of half of your chocolate pudding. 
6) Over the pudding, layer half of your cool whip. 
7) Sprinkle your Heath bits on top of the cool whip. 
8) Repeat steps 4-7. 
9) You can serve immediately or put in fridge until it’s time for dessert. Despite being obnoxiously simple to make, the presentation is always impressive.
The trifle dish is a bit deceptive and makes this after dinner treat look much fancier than a bunch of store bought items thrown together. I think my friends were impressed by the simple fact that I owned a Trifle dish. They are easy to please...

And this formula can be switched up in several different ways. I’ve seen people use angel food cake, vanilla pudding, whip cream and strawberries for a strawberry shortcake version. You can’t go wrong. Just don’t pull a ‘Rachel’. 
Meats and sweets don’t ever go together.


  1. Mmm!! I need to stop waking up to your sweet treats!! Makes me want pudding for breakfest

  2. Bahahaha now you've got me quoting that whole seen where they are all yelling at each other "I LOVE JACQUES COUSTEAU!!!"