Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bump Day: 28 weeks!

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant, which means I am solidly in my 3rd trimester. My bump is large and in charge and with 3 months to go, I’m just baffled at how big it will undoubtedly get. 
I’m definitely feeling ‘pregnant’. It’s getting harder to both sit down and stand up, and I feel quite stiff after any exercise. Still, for the most part, I am feeling like myself and trying to remain as active as possible without compromising my comfort or health. 

I’ve cut my running down and have traded it in for long walks. I’m going about the same distance, it’s just taking me twice as long. But let’s be honest, when I do jog, I’m clocking a 12-13 minute mile, so I can basically power walk just as fast without as much discomfort. Bailey is not so enthused with our new pace and therefore has been showing her butt over the past few weeks. (More on her latest “incident” later…)

At 28 weeks gestation, baby is apparently the size of a head of cauliflower and weighs about 2.5 lbs. He’s pretty much fully formed and from now on will just be developing his nerves, senses, and brain cells and adding some adorable baby fat before his birth day. 

In name news, I think we’re ready to cut Henry, Graham, Wallace and Andrew from the list. Don’t think this means progress, because we’ve added 2 new names in their place. I got so desperate last night that I offered Jonathan a deal. I’d let him go to Germany to drive the Nurburgring circuit if he surrendered all baby naming rights over to me.
He almost considered it until he realized that would put all previously vetoed names back in the running. He still refuses to budge on ‘Elliot’ and it just breaks my heart.   

At this point, I’d say ‘Ian’ is the frontrunner, and ‘Ezra’ is the dark horse to watch out for. He’s sneaking into my heart, that’s for sure. Just gotta get hubby (and his obnoxious veto power) on board. 

It’s looking more and more like baby Boy will make his appearance before we decide on a name. It just doesn’t seem realistic that we’ll have chosen ‘the one’ in the next 3 months. 

There is something about the 3rd trimester that brings an air of reality to the situation. My ‘nesting’ mode has finally kicked in and I can’t wait to start painting some nursery furniture this week. Our shipment is being packed up tomorrow (woohoo!!), and once that has arrived, we will have all the baby essentials we need either purchased, gifted to us or borrowed from friends. Here are some more shots of my baby bump at 28 weeks. 
What do you think? As a bump, does he look like an 'Ezra'? Or an 'Ian'? Or perhaps a Forest, Theo, Harris, Asher, or Everett? Decisions, decisions.  


  1. What about a Liam? For some reason I can't get that name out of my head. However, I'm sure it has a negative Gossip Girl or other hit TV show reference for Jon ;-)

    My vote is for Ian out of the front runners. But I do love Forest, Harris and Asher too!

    Can't wait for your recap of Bailey's 'incident'.

    You're glowing at 28 weeks, friend!! Beautiful!

  2. Happy Third Trimester!!! Yaya!!!! You look absolutely gorgeous!!!

    I too can't wait to hear about Bailey's antics. This slowing down period is so hard on them but a good transition for even more changes to come!

    Still love all the name possibilities. And we all just saw the royal couple take days after the birth to name their baby boy. You and Jon are simply SO trendy :)

  3. I love Elliot! Stupid boys and their veto power. Ian is my second fave. I feel ya on nesting mode. I'm driving Ram crazy right now with my lists of must haves and of course I want it all done NOW. You are glowing in your pics:) Looking pretty Laine!

  4. Great names! We're having a hard time too deciding on a name ;)

  5. You look so gorgeous! Pregnancy really suits you Laine. I love Ian. Such a classic name. Forest seems appropriate though, given your love for the Scottish country/mountainside :)