Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bump Day: 27 weeks!

I’m 27 weeks preggers today. Only 13 more weeks to go until D-Day. This past week, I feel like I’ve made a transition into feeling ‘more’ pregnant. I can definitely feel Baby Boy’s presence in my belly at all times, but especially when I try to stand up or flip from one sleeping position to another. There is just a significant weight in my stomach that anchors me down. 
Baby Boy is also becoming quite the strong little guy. His punches are becoming more powerful, and I definitely feel a bit of rib-jabbing action inside. The worst is the bladder kicking though. Even when I know my bladder is empty, I constantly feel like I urgently have to go. It made walking around Paris quite uncomfortable, but eventually, Baby would change positions and give me some relief. I’m slowly learning to distinguish between real bladder emergencies and simply ‘inconvenient uterus positioning’. 

Still, feeling and seeing the baby kick has, by far, been my favorite part of pregnancy. I could just sit there mesmerized by my belly motions for hours. I doubt you’re as enamored with the baby kicks as I am, but in case you want to see little baby movements through my bare belly, here is some video footage I took yesterday. 
Size-wise, he is comparable to a cucumber, which makes it my turn to say ‘Yuck!’. I wonder where they get these size comparisons from. I seriously doubt that our baby is as long and lean as a cucumber. I’m picturing more of a yummy butternut squash. Either way, he’s probably around 2.2 lbs and putting on ounces by the day. 

In nursery news, we have an official pack-up date for our shipment. Our sweet nursery furniture and bedding and a few other baby essentials will be on their way to Scotland as of August 1. I’m super grateful to my parents for being such a big help with letting us keep our baby furniture at their house and for being available for the actual packing process. 

I’ve decided to order this fun bunting for above the changing table. 
I had to get husband approval to have a pink flag on the banner, but he was surprisingly supportive. I’m also planning on painting our nursery wardrobe and really had my heart set on a deep lavender, which he also approved of. 
color options for wardrobe, SOURCE
I’m glad he’s on board with raising a boy who doesn’t tie his masculinity to color:)Jonathan’s philosophy is that we will unlikely live in this house past the baby’s 2nd birthday, so when we move, we’ll give him a ‘boy’ room, but for now, he’s getting a ‘baby’ room. Fine by me. I can’t wait to see our pastel nursery come together! 

Alright, enough rambling. Here are the bump pics from week 27. 

Come back tomorrow to see all the bump pics we took while sight-seeing in Paris! 

P.S. Is it unrealistic for me to expect to look this good 1 day after labor? 
I don't know how she does it. William is a lucky man. Sorry Jonathan, but I'd go ahead and lower your expectations now... 


  1. Oh my goodness!! He is SO active! What a fun video, thanks for sharing. You are all belly, you look amazing!!!

    And you KNOW miss princess has a stylist team making her so glam. I bet she wished she could just tie her hair back and run out in stretch pants.

    How many expat assignments would equal enough moolah to have my own personal stylist team? A girl can dream...

  2. You are so beautiful! Look at little baby boy go! I wish I was there so I could talk to him everyday and feel him kick. Tell him that his Aunt Tal loves him and prays for him and his mommy everyday. I miss you so much. And you will look even better than Kate because you know what that glow is? Its pure love...and you will have that! Love you!!!