Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Travel Tip: Luxury Link

(Our Home in the Amazon)
Jonathan and I are travelers torn between two worlds. We love authentic (aka inexpensive) travel but we also have an appreciation for the finer things in life. We were very blessed to stumble upon Luxury Link before booking our honeymoon in 2008. Luxury Link offers deals on upscale accommodations for a fraction of the price. It’s set up in an e-bay format, auctioning off travel deals.

We were apprehensive when booking our trip to Peru through the website, but were pleasantly surprised by the first class treatment and accommodations we received on our trip. Booking through Luxury Link basically takes the travel agent out of the equation.

Since our Peruvian trip was a package deal through InkaTerra, it included 4 different boutique hotels in 4 different areas, and also included the transfers between each destination. Traveling cross-country in Peru is a complicated feat involving planes, vans, trains and canoes. I can’t imagine that Jonathan and I would have been able to get from point A to Point B without InkaTerra’s assistance. Plus, nothing says honeymoon like a driver holding a sign with your shared last name when you arrive at the airport/train station/ boat dock. (The Amazon Express)

We’ve since spread the word to many of our friends regarding the excellent deals and everything has always worked out smoothly. The other great thing about Luxury Link is the travel inspiration it provides. You can search deals by destination, price, or activity. My favorite is just to search “deals ending soon” to get a random assortment of travel ideas. In fact, that’s how we actually decided on Peru for our honeymoon. We were searching the sight for Italian options and instead got enticed with a great deal for Peru. The rest (including a substantial hospital bill not included in the price of the package) is honeymoon history. Jonathan inside our Amazonian 'hut' at the InkaTerra Reserva Amazonica. Our individual Casita in Peru's Sacred Valley which came with a personal maid/cook.
Inside our Sacred Valley Casita. Yep, it was two stories.
And of course, the crown jewel of our Peruvian voyage, our pueblo at the InkaTerra Machu Picchu.

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