Friday, February 17, 2012

Inappropriate texting and Belated Valentine's celebration

As I’ve mentioned before, Jonathan will likely be transferred in the next few months meaning a relocation for us. What’s still unclear is where we will be going, but we should find out within the next week or so. Yesterday morning Jonathan sent me a text message asking if I’d rather move to Angola or China.

Angola or China? I felt like responding: what, you mean Afghanistan and Somalia weren’t available?

Now I know China might not seem as bad as one of those places, but the people in China eat scorpions and reject Oreos. There’s something fundamentally off about a country that would choose arachnids over chocolate.

As for Angola…well it really is almost as bad as a place like Somalia. However, Jonathan’s company compensates financially for “hardship locations” where you might run the risk of contracting malaria or being kidnapped by pirates. They do not, however, compensate so generously for the absence of Oreos or the traumatic experience of watching my husband eat a scorpion (because you know he would). So Angola or China? I’d have to say I’m leaning towards….Switzerland. Is that an option?

And by the way, is this an appropriate question to ask via text message? Kind of puts that whole Joe Jonas /Taylor Swift break-up in perspective. So he dumped you via text message. At least he didn’t proposition you to eat a scorpion.

In other news: Since Jonathan was gone for Valentine ’s Day, we enjoyed a belated celebration at the Broken Spoke last night. Because nothing says romance like Belgian beer on tap. Also, he must be following my pinterest, because as a gift he got me this travel bag that I’ve been majorly crushing on (Okay so maybe he cheated and asked for a link to my pinterest, but the fact that he even knows what pinterest is proves that he listens).
And it turns out that I’m going to need a good travel bag because over dinner we ‘cheers’ed to a new lead on the job front. I don’t want to jinx it just yet by blogging it out loud, but let’s just say it’s more in line with Switzerland than Somalia. I’ll give you a hint: Cheers!

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