Tuesday, February 21, 2012

List of Five

Because I’m sick of compiling lists of 5 places we’d be open to moving to, I decided to blog about a more pleasant top 5 ranking.

After a recent American Idol episode involving a contestants crush on Steven Tyler, Jonathan and I began making our list of five celebrities we’re allowed to kiss. Because we don’t much follow the celeb culture, it’s actually been surprisingly hard to come up with a list. I fell more in love with Jonathan when the two he came up with right away were Zooey Deschanel and Evangeline Lily (the boy has seriously good taste).

In the moment, I could only think of Adam Levine, Prince Harry and Andy Roddick. Well, after watching a Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds concert on TV last week, I have decided to add Dave to my list of five.
There is nothing cuter than a brown eyed boy jamming on a guitar and tearing up while singing a love song. With Dave on the list that only leaves one more spot. I think I’m going to let George Clooney and John Krasinski arm wrestle it over this one.

As a disclaimer: this is completely a joke and the thought of kissing someone other than my husband makes me a bit sick. It should really be a list of 5 celebrities I’m allowed to hug. Yes, I would hug the stuffing out of Adam Levine and I would pinch Prince Harry’s little cheeks so hard I’d surely leave a bruise. Lucky guys.

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