Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Suicidal iPhone

The night before we left for our ski trip, disaster struck in our house. My iPhone was safely tucked into my fleece pocket while I was putting some clean towels into the guest bathroom. As I walked past the toilet to the cabinet, my iPhone leapt from my pocket and dove headfirst into a watery grave. 
I had no idea my phone was even depressed, much less suicidal. It must have just been overworked from the nonstop picture taking, music playing, and facebook stalking I subject it to. 

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised; this wasn't the first suicidal iPhone experience I’ve had. Around the same time last year, my iPhone took a flying leap from the bathroom counter to the toilet bowl 3 feet away. True story. 

So what do you do if your iphone chooses a similar fate? Luckily I had pinned this information from the last time it happened, so I already knew some crisis management techniques. 

First, take it out of the water, turn it off, dry it off, and place it in a sealed bag of rice for a 72 hour suicide watch period. The rice absorbs the water from within the phone, but this process takes a few days. You must turn it off as well, because a phone that’s left on can cause a short with the electric currents in a water damaged phone. 

It was a super bummer to be without my iPhone (aka camera) for the first 3 days of our ski trip, but I didn’t want to take any chances by prematurely turning it on. I’m determined that this phone will last me long enough to get an upgrade; something my last 3 iPhones (yes, 3…in 3 years) have not been able to manage. 

After the third day in rice, I tested out my phone and all the functions seemed to be in working order. I was taking pictures of the French alps, listening to my music, and iMessaging my friends and family back home without any issues. 
Good idea, Dad:)
Two weeks later, you’ll be happy to know that my phone has made a full recovery and is currently being allowed to rest a bit by only being forced to take about 30 pictures of my puppy dogs a day.  

I am alsotaking the extra precaution putting the toilet seats down whenever the iPhone is in the room. Only 14 months until I'm up for an upgrade. Just gotta keep this baby alive until then....


  1. Love the puppy pictures! Sam look so handsome. I'm reminded again of how long cavalier's ears should be. The groomer here made Luca's so short, I hate it:(

  2. Don’t you just hate it when your iPhone acts up and does crazy things for attention like jumping out of pockets or falling from tables? Jokes aside, thanks for sharing the tip about sealing it in a bag of rice. I wish I had come across the information before having to cut off a limb to pay for a new phone after my old one went into its own watery grave.