Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Bonjour from France! 
We arrived in the small village of Morzine on Sunday afternoon for a week long ski trip in the French Alps. 
I anticipated lots of down time to keep up with my blog, but it turns out, I am a skiing fool. I haven’t cracked my book open once. This is the first time I’ve been on a ski trip with people on my beginner-level and it’s been loads of fun shoop-shooping down the ‘facile’ slopes with my little posse. 
We rented out a chalet with 13 other people, and among our group we had every talent level, from a guy who used to ski competitively to a few who had never skied before, and everything in between. 
It’s been a nice mix, and though I surely fall into the bottom half of the group, that’s just fine by me. We’ve been doing a few decent runs every day but also pausing for long lunches and coffee breaks. 
The only bummer about it, is that my hubby falls into the ‘stinkin good’ category, and so I have barely seen him this week. 
Photo courtesy of Debbie, also in stinkin' good group
However, this is the first ski trip where he hasn’t had to babysit me, so he is having a blast skiing with people more on his level, while knowing that I’m being taken care of by my friends. 
I can’t wait to show him how much I’ve improved since last year’s trip to Breckenridge. I’m cruising down blues and don’t even flinch at chair lifts. This is mostly because a few of us girls decided to get a private ‘refresher’ lesson on the first day and it really helped me gain the confidence I needed to get off of those bunny slopes. And also because the blues here are really more like difficult greens, but no one needs to know that... 
I’ll write a whole lot more about this trip as I get the time, but I just wanted to pop in and say hey and give you a sneak peak of what I’ve been up to this week. 
 Au Revoir until next time!


  1. i knew you were going to do great! enjoy the rest of your trip and get out there with your hubby and do some of the other runs! you can do it!

  2. The Winter Olympics are not far off. Don't peak too soon