Friday, March 29, 2013

Highs, Lows, and Baby Gifts

I apologize for my lack of blogging this week. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I can freely use morning sickness (aka all-day-long sickness) as an excuse. Thanks for bearing with me. Only 2 more weeks until this first trimester business is behind me! 

It was another week of mostly lounging around the house, staying out of the snow, and watching Friends. Not much blogworthy action going on here. But just for habit’s sake, here are the highs and lows of the week. 

1) Continued blahness. I’m not feeling as sick as I was a few weeks ago, but nausea has been replaced by fatigue and an unbeatable case of laziness. I’m lucky if I can squeeze 2 hours of productivity out of a day. 

2) Winter weather. 
For the majority of the week, the snow/sleet/hail/ice has continued and I’m just so weary of winter. 

1) Sunshine! 
Though the front of the week was dreary and miserable, the past two days have been littered with sunshine. 
It’s amazing how quickly I am willing to forgive the awful weather that Aberdeen brings our way. For the past 2 weeks, I have been so mad at Scotland for putting us through this misery; but after 2 hours of sunny skies, all is forgiven and Scotland is back in my good graces again. I am such a pushover. 

The pups have been soaking up the rays as well, and the nicer weather has led to much longer walks for both dogs.

3) Encouragement from friends and family about our little jelly bean. This week was when we made our big announcement regarding our October arrival and we were overwhelmed and so grateful at the positive feedback we got from everyone.  

4) Baby gifts. My friend Pam crocheted the most adorable highland coo hat for baby. 
I am seriously obsessed and cannot wait to put it to good use. I know what Baby is dressing up as for their first Halloween! 
Also, our friends Diane and Phil have loaned us some very relevant baby books. I can’t wait to read this one on preparing our pups to be baby friendly. 
Our dogs are so sweet and affectionate, but they don’t have too much experience in the baby department, so I’ve been a tad nervous about how they’ll respond to the little one. 
I’m super glad to have this as a resource to prepare us all for living in a dog and baby friendly environment. 

Also, this Owner’s Manual will come in handy. 
Like my dogs, I have limited experience with babies, and therefore I have a slight fear of infants. It’s nice to have books like this to read up on the basics of caring for a newborn. 

Do any of you have any book suggestions that I should be adding to my library?Only 6 1/2 months left to study up!


  1. You need to read The Baby Whisperer. I really connected to those books and she really helps you understand why your infant is doing what and when. She also helps you learn how to look at your baby and know what's going on. It is all about your mothers intuition and what you observe your baby is doing. Then you can help them! Saved me. Helped us get Sebastian sleeping 12 hrs each night with no feedings by 6 months. Awesome.

    You are NOT lazy. You probably have been growing baby's brain or heart and that takes SO much energy!!! The little baby will suck it right from you. Your body is telling you to take it easy. That's OK. You rest up and feel better soon.

  2. I ditto Mary...You are not lazy! It takes THAT much energy to grow a baby. I went through all the same things you are going through. Savor it :)

    Great to read books before hand but then trust your instincts when you get there. I'm sending you a couple of our favorites in a care package headed your way XOXO

  3. Hi, we've never met, but I stumbled upon your blog from Jillian's who is a friend of a friend and I quickly enjoyed reading about your adventures abroad. Congratulations on the new baby! A book I really enjoyed and often gift to my friends when they are pregnant is Baby 411. The information is geared more towards after the baby is born and while I think the layout of the information could be better, the book is great and I have used it many times. My friends all seem to love it to. Good Luck!