Thursday, November 8, 2012

Special Delivery!

It's here! It's here!
After waiting for 11 weeks, we finally have possession of our tartan Love Seat. So much time had gone by since ordering it, that I had almost forgotten what the little guy looked like. I was relieved when I saw how stinkin' cute it looked in our house.
The wonky layout of our living room is still giving me headaches, but at least we can now seat 8 people in front of the TV.  I’m still a little bummed that our space and configuration didn’t allow for a sofa large enough for me to take a nap on, but we’ll call that a first world problem and move on.

And though it may be too small for us to nap on, it’s just the right size for this little guy.
Really, spoiled is not the word…

In other news, Jonathan had 5 vacation days left for the year, and we finally decided on how to spend them. Brace yourselves. In about 4 weeks we’ll be making our way to *Italy*.

I know, I know, December isn’t really a great time to go to Italy, but really, neither is anywhere else in Europe. Yes, we’ll be cold, but I’d rather be cold in Italy than cold in Scotland. We’ll have a total of 8 nights and 7 days and plan to divide our time between Tuscany, Florence, and Venice. Spoiled is not the word….
But anyway, we’ve got a loose outline of things planned such as a wine tour and cooking class, but would love some more suggestions on what to see/where to stay while we’re in the area.  Any tips?


  1. Yahoo!!! So excited for y'all!!!!

    If you can swing going to Venice during the week, it is so much more enjoyable than being there on a weekend. I found Venice to be the most romantic and whimsical city I had ever been to, but a lot people seem to hate it. Those people seem to have been there on a weekend when, frankly, the city is just too small to accommodate how many visitors there are. I wish I could see it dressed up for the holidays!!! Take lots of pictures

  2. HUGE THUMBS UP to the cutie tartan addition... the spoiled pup testing it out.... and ITALY!!!!!

  3. Italy - LOVE IT! Obviously you've seen the photos I'm sure :) Going in the winter is great, we've done it just pack a cute hat and scarf and warm yourself with Italian coffees! Definitely try to go to wineries that do olive oil tastings as well it's a great combo!!
    I know you've been to Florence but check out the Hotel L'Orologio on the Piazza S.M.N. its very nice and they may have some off season deals. Venice-we like to stay between St Mark's and the Rialto but we like to be right in the heart of it which isn't for everyone. Venice is our favorite, I really hope you enjoy it! Eat at da Mamo if you are in that area it's a great little place!