Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AWA Craft Fair Goodies

It’s become quite a Fall tradition of mine to attend shopping fairs where I load up on Christmas gifts and house décor. So many of the accent pieces in our house were purchased at HollyDays in Baton Rouge or Nutcracker Market in Houston.

beautiful mirror we got last year from Houston Ballet's Nutcracker Market
I was starting to feel quite homesick for missing out on these events, which is why I was unreasonably excited for the AWA Craft Fair. And though the Craft Fair was only a fraction of the size of those stateside events, it packed a mighty punch.
About a hundred vendors from across Scotland came to sell their artisan goods. Since I was a volunteer floor monitor, it was my job to peruse the stalls and make sure all of the vendors were happy and healthy. After making three rounds of all the stalls during my 1 ½ hour shift, I knew exactly what I wanted to spend my Jonathan’s hard-earned money on.

My first purchase was a few cans of Pumpkin that I got from the Wowzie stall, a local store which stocks American goodies.
Only cost me about 3 bucks a pop! Woohoo! Now I can indulge in my pumpkin craving just in time for Thanksgiving.

Next up were some Harris Tweed purchases. These items were hard to select, simply because I was dizzy with all of the adorable options. There must have been at least five stalls specializing in tweed items. First up was a pair of Wellie socks for my Hunter boots.
Yep, moving to Scotland comes with a whole new wardrobe vocabulary. Before moving to the UK, I had no idea what wellie socks even were, much less that I would scour the country trying to find the perfect Harris Tweed Pair. But alas, it was love at first sight.  
And just to prove that I don’t just wear these boots for fashion, look at how muddy they are!
I’m kind of grossed out right now.

After I had footwear covered, I decided I absolutely needed Tweed book supplies when I found this amazingly perfect purple and gold thistle bookmark.
I absolutely love combining my Tiger Pride with my Scotland memorabilia. Two birds with one stone. And since they had the keychain to match…well I couldn’t pass that up, now could I?
And because I didn’t want my beloved Kindle to feel left out, I splurged on this Harris Tweed kindle case, complete with embroidered bunting.
How British is that? So. Stinkin. Cute. Speaking of bunting…
I’ve been thinking that our living room looks a bit too masculine, what with all the leather and the tartan and all, so I was on the lookout for something to soften the room up.
Quilted, flowery, heart-shaped bunting oughta do the trick.
This seriously might be my favorite 2 feet in the whole entire house. Nothing makes my heart sing quite like bunting. Can I get an Amen?
And then of course I couldn’t pass up this highland coo figurine.
Seriously, I cannot handle the cuteness.
And I didn't just buy things for myself either. Nope, I also scooped up these Cheese and Oregano Christmas treats for the puppies. I'm selfless like that.
Merry Christmas fur babies!


  1. What are wellie socks? I'm guessing warm liners for your rain boots??

    That mirror is stunning! How did I miss that in your Houston house?

    Well done on all your Scottish goodies! I love that Sampson and Bailey are seriously P.O'd that you are making them sit for a picture before letting them gobble up their treats. lol.