Friday, November 9, 2012

Mostly highs and a few lows

Lows: Though we fought valiantly and looked like the better team, LSU lost to BAMA (AKA pure evil) on Saturday night. I took it pretty hard, as I did a few other losses this week…

That’s about it for lows this week. I lost my house key while walking Sam, but was super lucky that a guy walking his two labs ended up spotting it among the fall foliage. Since it had an LSU key cap, he figured it must belong to that American girl with the spaniel, and he brought it to me as I frantically searched the 2 mile trail for a yellow key in a haystack of yellow leaves. Alls well that ends well, otherwise, being locked out of my house in freezing cold Scotland would have definitely been the #1 low of my week.

Highs: So many!

1) Watching the sun come up over Scolty hill.
2) Continuing to enjoy Bailey’s off leash behavior.
She’s a completely different dog than she was when we showed up here, and I just can’t get enough of our hikes and jogs. Honestly, nothing makes me happier than for us to mutually enjoy an outing in Scotland’s beautiful nature. It used to be a tug of war on the leash anytime she got exercise. The child used to literally hide under the bed anytime I put my running shoes on. Now she waits by the door, excited to romp off leash through the woods. We have this little routine and we’re this little team and it’s so simple yet it makes me so happy.

3) Falene, Julia and Andrea’s “fancy dress” birthday party.
Scottish natives call costume parties “fancy dress” and it’s actually pretty common to see grown men dressed like superman walking down Union Street. Well this past Saturday was Jon’s turn to be such a grown man, and he sported his Spiderman onsie with total confidence. 
 He’s actually pretty fond of his fleece onsie and has been wearing them as pajamas ever since.
It kind of makes me want one, especially since I found out they have Minnie Mouse Onsies at Primark for about 12 pounds.

4) Getting our love seat delivered.
I finally feel like our house is put together, which means I no longer have any excuse to put off unpacking those final boxes. Darn…

5) Three Mahjong’s today!
My beginners luck continues. I may have finally found my calling in life. Ever since that Victoria Secret model thing didn't work out, I've been looking for a back up plan. Mahjong Master just may be the next best thing.

6) Planning our upcoming Italy trip. Usually I hate travel planning, but I am getting so excited by booking hotels and excursions in Siena, Florence, and Venice. Walking tours? Wine tastings? Cooking classes? Not to mention a Fiat car rental. This is going to be one for the record books, my friends. 

7) Capping the week off with a nice stroll through Countesswells woods with my whole entire family.
It was a beautiful sunset (at 4 pm) which made it yet another magical experience. Ever since we moved to Scotland, dog walking has become my favorite chore. Not only is it gorgeous scenery, but usually something like this happens:
Well hello there! Bailey and Sam just had to introduce themselves, and it was so sweet to watch the two species interact with mutual curiosity.
What about you? Highs and Lows this week?

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