Friday, November 30, 2012

Relatively high Highs and Somewhat low Lows

Last week I had more lows than highs, but this week has been pretty neutral. No real peaks or valleys. I’m trying to rack my brain to give you the highlights and I can’t seem to come up with much at all. Here is my best attempt...

1) The darkness. The fact that the sun doesn’t come up until 8 is really delaying my day. I used to be done with my morning run by that time, and now I’m just starting, and that’s only if the ground isn’t covered with ice. That little hour delay has been throwing me off, but I’m slowly starting to adjust. I better get used to it, since it is only going to get worse for the next 22 days. Heaven help me.

2) The same day we got our doorbell fixed, I noticed 2 leaky windows and also the hot water stopped working in our kitchen. I wonder how long those problems will take to fix... Winter is upon us and cold air and water are pretty high on the list of things you don’t want to be wrong with your rental home.

3) Jonathan’s moustache.
Thank goodness Movember is almost over. He thinks he looks suave;  I think he looks like someone I would warn my children about.
1) I feel like I’m starting to adjust to the winter darkness/dreariness. I kind of hit a wall on Tuesday when I just about gave up and took a nap, but then I was hit with a surge of energy and actually had a pretty productive day. I even moved furniture and got some much procrastinated work done on our storage room. I’ve been on a roll ever since.

Bypassed cuddly pups napping in bed.... (notice slanted dresser position) 
Repositioned dresser to give us more room in bedroom
Figured out putting luggage behind the dresser frees up valuable storage space. Gotta get creative with these storage solutions.
2) Hiking in the sunshine with 3 of my favorite girls and two of my favorite dogs. I’ll write more about this fantastic experience next week, but here is a sneak peak:
3)Weather. It has been consistently cold, but the sun has been good to us this week. Never underestimate the power of sunshine. It truly is a mood enhancing drug, and I have been soaking it up big time over the last few days.
Well that’s about it for my week. Like I said, nothing super exciting, but nothing catastrophic either. What about you? What were your highs and lows this week?


  1. Bahaha, I totally LOL at the mustache pictures; Jonathan's and the expectation/reality ones. Too funny!

    Lows: hubby being gone all week and the short days. We will power through these next 22 days! We can do it!!
    High: definitely our hike! What a perfect day!

  2. Low: waiting on pins and needles for Mirabell
    High: waiting on pins and needles for Mirabell

    It's a double edged sword and I can't seem to focus on much else :)

  3. Highs: Finally getting through a lot of Christmas shopping and wrapping today, finishing a giant paper for the end of the semester, and playing outside with the kiddo in the better weather
    Lows: Diaper rash, mom and husband coming down with what looks like the flu, and if we're not careful, the flu could be my low for next week :/