Thursday, November 15, 2012

Loch Muick Take Two

Today I went with the AWA Explorer group to hike Loch Muick, which was my second time completing the circuit. You may remember this walk as Bailey’s first as a 'properly controlled' dog.
I usually leave her behind for these group excursions simply because she’s always a bit of a loose cannon when she knows I’m not paying 100% attention to what she’s doing. And since I like to use these hikes as a time to get my fill of girl talk, I figured she’d I’d be happier if she were left behind.
We really lucked out with weather once again and enjoyed dry, albeit cold and windy, conditions for our 7 mile hike. The walk started out with a bang since these two ponies were hanging out near the entrance to the trail.
Horses love me. Honestly. If my Victoria Secret Model/Mahjong Master plans don’t work out, at least I have a triple back up plan to become a horse photographer.

Other than horses, we spotted some pheasant (and I said a grateful prayer that Bailey wasn’t there to chase it) and a few red stags.

All in all, the walk was just as beautiful as I remembered, though about 30 degrees colder and a heck of a lot windier.
Last time we came, Jonathan wore shorts. This time, I was straight up wearing my ski jacket. It was cold y’all. So cold, that I was surprised and slightly disappointed that there wasn’t snow on the ground. I’ve heard the lake is something to see when it’s shrouded in white. Shucks, I guess I’ll just have to come back a third time. Good thing it’s only an hour’s drive from my driveway. An hour from my house.

For reals. It never gets old, I’m telling you.
P.S. For photographic evidence of how spectacular this hike is in the snow, check out this post by my friend Jillian. Amazing!


  1. Your pictures of the horses are really great!

  2. I am so in love with horses. One day I will have one of my own that looks like the brown one in this picture. What a treat to see them wild. Are they wild?