Thursday, May 31, 2012

Woman of Leisure

I don’t hear the term housewife thrown around a lot in Scotland. Instead, when I reply ‘no’ to the question of whether or not I am working, I usually get an exclamation of “Oh, so you’re a woman of leisure, then? That’s great!”
I’m really liking the term ‘woman of leisure’. It implies days of novel reading, blog writing, dog walking, yoga posing, bible studying, tea drinking, and nap taking. It also omits things like toilet scrubbing, dish washing, poop scooping, laundry folding, grocery shopping and floor mopping.
Yes, I definitely like the sound of the leisurely life, and the gym we just joined is going to help me brush up on my chillaxin’ skills. David Lloyds is a health club in Aberdeen that includes an extensive gym, several group classes ranging from yoga to cycling, indoor heated pools, indoor tennis courts, fancy locker rooms, and my personal favorite- a steam room. For my Lafayette readers, it’s very similar to Red Lerilles.  It also includes a little café with a spectacular view of the Dee River. The café serves food ranging from light snacks to hearty meals and also includes a coffee shop.
I envision that many a leisurely morning will be spent perfecting my yoga poses, followed by a nice steam, capped off with hot chocolate while I contemplate the awesomeness of my life while in view of a gorgeous river.  Then of course I’ll be snapped out of my leisurely daze by the fact  that there is a sink full of dishes to wash and a house that frankly isn’t going to vacuum itself. Just like yoga, it’s all about balance, right?

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  1. Woman of leisure...totally stealing it! I like the racey edge it has to it, as if staying at home is something glamorous and slightly risque! HA!