Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Progress Report: Joyful Reunion

I could easily write a thousand words about the progress we’ve made over the past week, but you know what they say about pictures. This one says it all.
We were happily reunited with our pups about 2 hours ago. After spending some quality time with them in the garden we took a lengthy walk to parade them through town. They weren’t here for more than 30 minutes before a Scottish gentleman walked over to give them a good pet and compliment them on how pretty they are.
Their shell shock from the plane ride quickly wore off and they are already adapting to Scottish life. We are noticing that Spaniels are everywhere in Aberdeen, so our pups should fit right in. After dinner we’ll head to the park so that we can let them off leash for a bit.
Tomorrow, I’ll be back to my wordy self and give you a summary of everything we’ve learned so far, but for now, I am just soaking up the blessings that God has given me.

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