Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Air Shipment Delivered

Well our air shipment was finally delivered last night. Woohoo! Happy Dance! It felt a little bit like Christmas morning unwrapping all the goodies from our previous life.
Now that I have the first 2 seasons of Gilmore Girls, I can finally start settling in here in Aberdeen. Priorities, right?
Already, our guest room bedding is making our temporary master bedroom feel more cozy, especially due to our silky sheets and fancy pillows.
Better than any Christmas gift is definitely the Vonage equipment. Now, just as soon as I figure out how to work it, I’ll be able to call home to the States. Me and technology don’t always get along, but I’m pretty determined to get this working, so I just might surprise myself on this one.
The dogs went into a frenzy when they spotted jumbo packs of rawhides and retriever sticks. I hate to break it to them that these items are as precious as gold and they definitely won’t be getting the handfuls they were used to getting every time I left the house in Houston.
Other items in our air shipment were fluffy towels, DVDs and books, our Wii for streaming Netflix, extra clothes, laundry detergent, our wireless printer and more dog related items. After taking inventory of what I had packed and thinking ahead to what we prepared in our sea shipment, there are definitely things I would have brought and others that I shouldn’t have stressed out so much over. But that’s another post entirely. For now, I have some unpacking to do and some very important phone calls to make. Happy happy happy dance!


  1. YAYAY! I'm joining in your happy dance :)

  2. YAY!!! That's great! We love Vonage and I don't know where we'd be without it!

    When we moved we sold everything we owned and moved here with 2 bags each. It would have been nice to have things from me "old" life to enjoy! I bet it is helping you feel more settled.

    This weekend is the Perth Kilt Run! They'll be having some Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It is about 2 hrs from you but you could hop on the train or drive it easily enough. You should really enjoy the festivities this weekend!!

  3. Opening boxes, especially the big ones, makes me feel like it’s Christmas time! Gifts wrapped in colorful papers seem to keep coming! Anyway, it’s good that all your shipped stuff arrived safely. Happy dance!

    -Valentina Moors

  4. I feel the same way too, Laine! Unpacking boxes makes me feel like opening Christmas presents. With all your precious stuff already with you, you wouldn't feel homesick in anymore. Also, I'm sure that your dogs were very happy that their dog food and items arrived safely.