Friday, May 25, 2012

Internet, Air Shipment and Phone Photos

They say that home is where your Internet connection is. Okay, no one actually says that but it sure feels that way to me. We officially have a wireless signal at our house which means we can go beyond the limited usage my cell phone signal has given us for the past two weeks. We also have a home phone line, though without our air shipment which contains our Vonage equipment, it’s not that exciting to us right now.

Our air shipment was supposed to arrive within the first two weeks, and we were under the impression that it would actually arrive within the first few days. When we hadn’t heard anything by Wednesday, Jonathan contacted his relocation counselor to find out that since there had been no room on the original plane it had been delayed and hadn’t been sent to the UK yet. It still isn’t here, and once it arrives, it still has to go through customs.

It will probably turn out that our air and sea shipments won’t be too far apart on their arrival which basically deems the air shipment irrelevant. You recieve an air shipment so that you’ll at least initially have some items that make your daily life feel more like home. It’s not that big of a deal, just a bit frustrating since our movers kept telling us how much room we had in our air shipment, so we took things out of our suitcases and packed them up thinking, “I can live without this for the first week”. So yesterday I bit the bullet and bought things like dish towels, mixing bowls, finger nail polish, etc.

What I’m really missing is my bedding! Our rental bedding is pretty basic and the pillows are starting to give me neck cramps. We packed some fancy pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets in our air shipment so I am really anxious for those to arrive. First World problems, right? I’m reading a book called Dark Star Safari which is a memoir about Paul Thereaux’s overland travel through Africa. Reading about the living conditions of the majority of that continent makes it really hard to complain about my supremely blessed life. So enough complaining and on to the pictures from the week!

The weather has been picture perfect all week, so the three of us took advantage and spent a lot of our time just sitting in the sun.  

I told Jonathan that if it ever hits 75 degrees, I'll ride the roller coaster at the beach amusement park. It got dangerously close to that temperature this week. Close, but no cigar.
Sam's favorite sleeping spot in our new house has been on Jonathan's pillows. Since Jon requested that I not allow this behavior, Samson had to experiment with other napping environments.

Here are some more pictures of the yellow field at Tulquhon Castle.

Last weekend ,we took the pups for a walk along the Dee River. They had an absolute blast and both got in for a swim.

Sans pups, we went down to the town of Stonehaven for a look around the beach and harbor. It's a photogenic town with really good fish and chips, so I have a feeling we'll be making the 30 minute drive down quite often. 

A squirrel made the mistake of coming into our yard, and then Samson (who has taken the knightly vow of protecting our yard from all such animals) made the mistake of chasing it onto a ledge, which he then had to slowly walk backwards in order to get off of. Don't worry, Momma came to his rescue. Of course, that didn't stop him from going right back onto the ledge...three times. He's not known for his intelligence, but he sure is a cutie.
 Jon gets to come with us on forest walks on the weekends. It's a real treat.
And lastly, my honey took me out for some fries for our anniversary and the bottle of wine was a really great Pinot Noir. I'm notorious for forgetting which wines I like, so I made sure to immortalize this one in the blogosphere.
Today we are headed up to Cruden Bay to see Slains Castle. If you remember me singing the praises of the historical novel The Winter Sea, the book is set in this area. It's also where Bram Stroker wrote Dracula, so it's said that Slains Castle was the inspiration behind the castle in the book. Spooky.

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