Friday, May 18, 2012

Phone Photos of the Week

All week I’ve been waxing on and on about the logistics of setting up a home in Aberdeen, when I know that what you really want to see is some pictures of this beautiful city. That’s why I’ve decided to add in a weekly segment of phone photos from the week.
I was going to call it “Walks with Sam” since that’s when I take most of my phone snapshots, though you can see by some of the following photos that he wasn’t too cooperative with the whole ‘sit still and look cute’ strategy. Not at all. Not when there are dogs to say hello to, and birds to chase, and territory to mark. Mom was seriously cramping his style this week.
Though I enjoy the scenery on my jogs with Bailey, my daily walks with Sam are when I really get to take it all in and stand in awe of the beauty around me. Luckily, this week has blessed us with some sun, so we got some good exploring done. We have also been meeting Jon at the office to walk him home and experimenting with the best routes to take.

So anyway, these are some of the snapshots I took with my phone camera during our first week in our new house. I’m pretty impressed with the camera on my phone, by the way. I’ve recently upgraded from the I-phone 3 to 4, and the camera alone was worth the switch.

Our house is around the block from the Gordon Highlanders Museum. I've always wanted to live in a place that was honeymoon worthy. Not many people have a deep desire to visit Midland or Houston, Texas on vacation. Well, not only do tourists visit my new country, they also visit my neighborhood. It's nice to see groups of school kids walking down our street on field trips.  I'm sure we'll follow suit and visit the museum soon.

These next two pictures were taken in Johnston Gardens, which is a beautiful park adjacent to our house that Sam and I frequent often.

If you look closely at  this next picture, you can see some hail left over from the hail storm we experienced on Wednesday.
It didn't take us long to place an order with Amazon UK. The shipping is just as fast, but they seem to ship each item individually, and you have to be home to receive it or else you'll be picking it up from the post office.

A babbling brook that we walk along on our way to Hazlehead Park. 
A very muddy Bailey on one of our forest walks. 
Directions to a series of walking paths in western Aberdeen. There is essentially a park in every direction.
  A horse wearing a jacket. It's cold here, y'all.
And apparently, this is what Samson does while Bailey and I are getting our morning exercise.
That’s all for this week, but if the weather holds out, we plan to venture out some this weekend and I’ll make sure to snap some pictures while we’re exploring. I may even get the fancy camera out if you’re lucky.


  1. I've been starting my days with your entertaining and.informative narratives and photos. I'm already a big Sam fan - love his cameos. Have you been letting him watch Hitchcock movies again? My Europe goggles are always nearby. Love & miss you. Marilyn

  2. Bellisima! I won't lie... I'm jealous of your gorgeous and refreshing puppy walks/runs. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos. I have to live vicariously through you from the deserts of the central valley :)