Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Progress Report: Scatter-brained

I would like to pre-emptively apologize for the rambling and random nature of this post, but that’s just what my mind is like lately so please bear with me. Another week has passed and there isn’t much to report on in terms of progress. Until we get our shipments in, we’ve got some pretty easy sailing ahead. Our Air Shipment supposedly reached Aberdeen on Friday, so I expect it to clear customs soon. Hopefully really soon because for now we have no cable and the only DVDs I brought with me are the second season of Sex and the City. Jonathan has been a trooper and indulged me by watching a few episodes but I’m sure he’s ready to have the first few seasons of LOST in our lineup. Am I the only one who finds re-runs extremely comforting? It’s always been therapeutic for me.

Our sea shipment is supposed to reach the UK on May 31st and they estimate that it will take 2 weeks for it to clear customs and reach our house. That time frame would get it to us within 6 weeks which is super quick. Originally we were told 8-10 weeks was more likely. Fingers crossed! We’ve been handling the whole living out of suitcases thing pretty well, but I know that Aberdeen will feel much more like home once we have our own furniture.

A big giant step forward last week was that we actually received our pin numbers for our debit cards which means we can actually spend money in Aberdeen. The debit cards are read differently here so any time we had to swipe a card it was like a huge arrow pointing at us Americans. It’s embarrassing to feel like tourist in your own town, so I’m glad that we can now blend into the money-spending crowd.
Debit cards in hand, we headed down to Union Street which is the main shopping district of Aberdeen. I mainly wanted a cell phone case and some idea of what to get Jonathan for our anniversary this week. I had pretty good timing on the cell phone case because the store had just gotten their first shipment of otter boxes! I was sure I wouldn’t be able to find one in Scotland, but not only did I find one, I found one in PURPLE. And while I did get some good ideas for anniversary gifts, Jon surprised me by buying me some Hunter boots right there on the spot. I even got some fleece socks to go inside of them. He wanted to get me jewelry, but I insisted that the way into my heart was olive green rubber boots. What's more romantic than sloshing around in the mud? Happy Anniversary to me!
We also found good smelling candles and tons of summer clothes. Too bad it doesn’t get warm here…ever. Seriously, window shopping in Aberdeen is just depressing. The displays are full of maxi dresses, tank tops, bathing suits and other resort wear. If we ever go on a Greek Cruise, I know that I’m all set for a shopping spree, but what about if I want something new to wear around town? I guess I better stock up when the Fall and Winter clothes come in.
Of course, it got up to 52 degree this weekend and you would have thought it was a heat wave. I’m talking full on shorts and tank tops weather for the natives. I’m talking, going out to the beach for an ice cream cone. I’m talking, wakeboarding in the Dee River. These people are tough. I was simply excited to get out of the house with only two layers of clothes on (instead of my usual 3 or 4). Fifty-two degrees is still hot chocolate weather in my book, but I’m pretty stinkin' excited that this week’s forecast has temperatures in the low 60s! Some people say 75 degrees is the perfect temperature. Not me. I’m a 65 degree kind of girl.
This week I am hoping and praying and crossing my fingers that our Internet, phone, and cable are hooked up. The engineer is scheduled to come by on Thursday morning to set everything up, which should be just in time for the American Idol finale to air in Scotland. Thursday is Jonathan and I’s anniversary, but since we’ve been sans TV for the past 2 ½ weeks, we plan on buying a nice bottle of wine and letting Mr. Phillip Phillips serenade us from the comfort of our rental couch. Friday is Jon’s Friday off so we are brainstorming all of the day trips that we could possibly take to celebrate our four years of marriage. If you ever want to feel like you have ADD, go to the Visit Scotland website and try to pick just one thing to do. It borders on impossible. Skiing? Castles? Hiking? Wildlife parks? Golf? How do you choose?
Our main mission is to find a suitable kennel or pet sitter for our pups so that we can take something more substantial than a day trip. Jon’s coworker recommended a place but when I called and asked how much notice is usually needed for a reservation the woman told me a year. A year! So, if we rely exclusively on that particular kennel, traveling this summer is out. I’ve got to find some backups pronto. Mainland Europe is calling my name, but I can’t book a flight until I know that my pups have an equally fun place to spend their holiday. Can any Aberdeen readers help me out with a referral?
The lovely beach town of Stonehaven.
Well I suppose that's enough rambling for one day. Check back later in the week for pictures from our weekend excursions to Stonehaven, the Dee River, and Aberdeen beach.

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