Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Target Syndrome

Today I performed a scientific experiment. I had to go to Target to return the apparently uncool i-Pad case I bought Jonathan for his birthday. I didn't "need" anything else from the store, so I decided to use my 30 minute lunch break to test the hypothesis that it is impossible to go to Target without purchasing something.

To test this theory, I decided to aimlessly circle the store. Somehow I made it through women’s clothing without needing anything.

Pajamas? Nada.

Electronics? Nope.

Books ( the real test)? I didn’t buy one though I admit I had to look away when passing the Philippa Gregory novels.

I had almost made it full circle through the beauty products when I discovered that in fact: it is impossible to go into Target and not purchase anything.

Hypothesis was proven when I walked out of there with a jumbo container of Cetaphil and a box of animal crackers. You just don’t know what you need until you see at Target. It’s a sickness.


Later that night, Jonathan and I made a return trip to Target for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part I, a bottle of red wine, and another box of animal crackers. We decided it would be fun to be a check out cashier at Target just to see the random things people buy.

For instance, the couple behind us was buying two tennis racquets, tennis balls, apples, and sponges. At 8 pm on a Friday night.

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