Friday, July 15, 2011

Here Goes Nothing....

For a while now I’ve been a fan of the blogosphere and I’ve personally made a few failed attempts at it before. I’ve loved writing ever since I was a child, but somehow lost that passion after years of forced academic writing and research papers. Now that college life is behind me, I’m excited to use this medium as a way to practice my storytelling and writing skills.

In February 2012, we found out that Jonathan’s job would be relocating us to Aberdeen, Scotland. This blog will mostly serve as an archive for our expatriating experience. The title is directly inspired by The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. Ever since reading Ernest Hemingway in high school, it’s been my dream to live abroad. How appropriate that my blog title should be inspired by a book chronicling his first marriage (though I hope Jonathan and I have a happier ending). I’ll share logistical and well as humorous and personal details about what it is to be an American moving to the UK.

P.S. This blog was started a few months before we knew about the move. If you’re only interested in that part, you should start in the archives at March 1, 2012. However, if you’re also interested in my opinions on The Bachelor or American Idol, or seeing lots of cute pictures of our pups, you can start from the beginning.
(From left to right: Bailey-Bop, Laine, Samson, Jonathan)

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