Thursday, July 21, 2011


When I started dating in high school I came up with a list of ‘deal-breakers’ in order to eliminate those boys who simply weren’t worth my time. The list consisted of things such as the following:

I would not date a boy if:
He didn’t like Dave Matthews Band
He spiked his hair
He drove a “jacked up” vehicle
He didn’t look cute in a baseball cap

When I got to college, I added some much less shallow rules to the list such as not dating a boy if:
He was a Sigma Nu
He wore gold jewelry
He didn’t like animals, especially furry ones
He was a Philosophy major

So after coming up with such an infallible weeding out process, how in the world did I end up married to a guy who didn’t cry during Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part II?

Not one single tear.
Didn't even tear up.

I'm pretty sure that's grounds for divorce in the State of Texas.

(Jonathan and I about to board the "Hogwarts Express" in Scotland, where the train scenes are filmed)

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