Friday, August 10, 2012

Three Months in Scotland: Three Favorite Phone Photos

This Friday I am going to do my usual Phone Photo Friday bit, but in keeping with this week’s ‘Top Three’ theme, I’m going to choose my three favorite I-phone photos from our past 3 months in Scotland. For this category, I have two honorable mentions, mainly because some of my favorite phone photos have been taken during our trips Poland and England, and I thought that should automatically disqualify them from any Scotland themed posts. So here they are.
Top 3 5 phone photos:
Honorable Mention: Old Town Warsaw.
What a photogenic place! I could have spent days here just snapping photos. I loved using the Instagram app to really accentuate the historic feel of this Polish district.

Honorable Mention II: My First Ever Summit.
This picture was taken at Walla Crag during our big Lake District Hike. I can’t get enough of this beautiful view overlooking Derent Water and the town of Keswick. Can we go back yet?

Now on to the Scottish pictures!
3. Sleepy pups.
I feel like this picture perfectly captured their snuggliness. Don’t you just want to scoop them up for a cuddle? This picture was taken on the afternoon after our shipment was delivered. I was quite an anxious girl, but their sweet faces really helped to calm me down. I’m so thankful they are living this adventure with us!

2. Bridge over the Esk River.
On this particular hike, Bailey sent me into premature heart failure by falling off of a ravine and plunging into a river. (I swear, if my heart lasts beyond age 40 after enduring Bailey’s shenanigans and Les Miles coaching LSU Football, it will be a miracle.) Jonathan and I were both a ball of frantic nerves until we reached this particular spot and once I looked around and took stock of the scenery, I was able to calm down enough to put things in perspective: Bailey was okay and safely on a leash, and we were on a hike in Scotland. Which is where we live. Which is awesome.

1. Man, it is so hard to just choose one, but I think I have to go with The North Sea.
I took this picture on the way back from our River Esk hike when we stopped in Stonehaven for some dinner. There is something about this picture that really exudes Scotland for me. When people think of Scotland, they usually envision rolling green hills and heaps of farm animals, but what surprised us most about this country is it's beautiful and rugged coastline.

Either way, Scotland is the most photogenic model in the world, and I am having a great time trying to capture that beauty to share with y'all. I really can't even come close to doing tihs country justice, so if you really want to see how gorgeous it is, I guess you're going to have to come and visit me.

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