Friday, August 3, 2012

Phone Photo Friday

I've already shared several of the pictures from our Edzell hike, but here are a few that I kept to myself. This is about the point where Bailey fell off of a cliff into the river.
Here is a picture of Jonathan being the southern gentleman that he is, opening the blue door for Bailey and I.
One of several bridges we crossed along our walk.
We happened across two seperate sets of castle ruins in the forest. It was very fairy-tale-esque.

I've mentioned before that our friends Ryan and Jill have a lab puppy named Angus. When we spotted this sign along the road, we had to stop for a photo-op.
I'll have to research whether or not there is a Samson or Bailey sign in Scotland. My guess is no.

You know the week is going to be a good one when it starts off in Stonehaven. I just love this harbor town, and the fact that it's just a 30 minute drive south of Aberdeen makes it a frequent outing for Jon and I. It was a fun time to share the atmosphere with friends after our Rocks of Solitude hike.
So this week, I think I earned the Olympic gold medal for the most first world of all the first world problems out there. On Saturday, my i-phone decided to take control of it’s own volume, and so any time I turned the ringer up, it would turn itself right back down, and the ringer emblem would get stuck on the screen, making it difficult to adequately check email/facebook/pinterest/instagram.

It did this pretty consistently throughout the weekend, but when I brought the phone into my mobile service company on Monday, it was mysteriously healed. It hasn’t displayed any problems for the past 4 days, so I’m hoping it stays that way. It sure would ruin my week if I had to run back down town to exchange it for a new one. Life is hard, I’m telling you.
In other news, I finally learned how to do a screen shot on my i-phone.
It was a real treat to get to go to Countesswells Wood twice this week. Our first trip with Samson was a bit damp…
but Bailey and I enjoyed clear skies and clear views on Tuesday.

We had a good bit of “summer” weather this week (aka 60 degrees and sunny) so the windows and doors to the house remained open during the day.
I never thought I’d miss air conditioning in Scotland, but it does get a bit stuffy upstairs. Opening the windows to let the cool breeze in seems to solve the problem right up. The pups have been enjoying their vitamin D infusions all week.
Jonathan and I are constantly looking for storage solutions. We have a sizable shed in the backyard, but the house owners keep a lot of their garden tools in there which dominates most of the available space. (And that, my friends, wins the silver medal of first world problems.) I found these mini-sheds at Costco so I think we might use this as an option for storing our bicycles on the side of the house.
  Well that's all for today, since I already spoiled most of my phone photos throughout the week. This is Jonathan's Friday off so we're hoping to get some more hiking done over the long weekend. I can't wait to share our new discoveries with you next week!

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  1. Huh, I hadn't thought about you not having AC in Aberdeen...from one extreme to the other! Thanks for sharing all the pics. You live in a magical place!!!