Wednesday, August 15, 2012


When Jonathan first introduced the topic of moving to Scotland, my first question was ‘How do we get the dogs there?’.
My second question was: ‘How do we watch LSU football?’.
Enter the Slingbox. In the Expat community, you can easily distinguish between those experienced in international living and rookies like us. Experienced Ex-Pats know about things like slingboxes, which are basically DVR boxes that you can log into through any internet connection, and subsequently plug into your TV through an HDMI cable. Lucky for me, my parents already had a slingbox from their overseas assignments and are allowing Jonathan and I to use their magical DVR box.
Though football season isn’t quite underway, we have been enjoying nights of watching US Big Brother. In fact, we’ve become quite dependent on checking in with the house guests and heckling during Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions. (If you aren’t familiar with Big Brother, it’s sort of a cross between Real World and Survivor, a description that really doesn’t do the show much justice. It’s just indescribable really…)
So accustomed have we become to staying up to date with the show that I don’t know what we’re going to do when my parents move the slingbox from Lake Conroe to their new house in Convington, Lousiana. During the move, it’s likely that the slingbox will be out of service for at least a week. A week! I’m already having nightmares and getting anxious about future withdrawal symptoms, but my Mom has been super compassionate and has agreed to extend her cable service in Conroe for another month so that we can get our Big Brother fix.
Phew, I thought I was going to have a major first world problem on my hands there.
Sorry so short, but I’m hosting book club tonight and therefore am trying to cram a months’ worth of cleaning and cooking into one day.

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